Submit Your Art!

The artistic process is hardly complete until the artist has found an audience for their work. The lasting value of art is in how it can shock, comfort, challenge and illuminate the viewing/reading/listening public. So don’t hang onto it – submit your art to the OutOfOurHeads website!

Who can submit?

We imagine that art will come mainly from the Bristol medical community (students and staff). But if you are not associated with Bristol University we would still like to consider your work so feel free to submit.

What can be submitted?

We can deal with all media. There is no requirement for the work to be medically themed (see “unplugged” section of main site). If the work is medically themed be sure to protect the anonymity of any individuals (staff and patients). Even with people’s identities protected it is good practice to get consent if possible.

How to submit:

This depends on what medium you are working in.

Music and video can be submitted as an email attachment, however as these will often be too large to email (>3MB) it is better to fluff files using the fluff facility at You can also submit on CDDVD or upload to and send us the link

Poetry and prose are best submitted as email attachments

Visual arts may also be submitted by email though we would prefer to have the originals so we can photocopy or scan as appropriate.

Physical materials (visual arts/CDs etc) should be sent/delivered to:

Melanie Stodell
Academic Unit of Primary Health Care
University of Bristol
25 Belgrave Road
Bristol BS8 2AA
Tel 0117 331 3871

The email address for submissions is:

With each submission please include some notes on the work, maybe saying a bit about the clinical context or what it was like to do. See the website for examples from others. It would also be good to include which category you think it should go in.