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Collaborative Heart Patchwork by Brooklea Creative Arts for Health Group - a patchwork heart pulling together contributions from a medical community and relatives 
Awesome by Paloma - textile piece celebrating the miracle of conception and birth, also exploring identity construction -  how we integrate our life-experiences. My Life by Lesley - Walking Upstream by Meenakshi Balasirishwaran - A representation of the day to day complexities of depression and the challenges and impact of the social perceptions around this condition. The Patchwork Body by Joanne Ferguson - Textile collage as a metaphor for holism within the treatment of disease and the place of creative engagement within medical-student well being. Heart Strings by Abigail Morris - A student uses her skills in embroidery and applique to consider the complexities of living with dyslexia – providing a rich example of resilience across her lived experience. In One Hand a Paintbrush, the Other a Pen by Roshni Rahman - A unique insight into embodied, tactual learning whilst absorbing verbal knowledge and an exploration of the wider role of holistic, creative engagement in well-being Sewing yourself back together  by The Art & Science of Medicine - Holistic perspectives around post natal depression Strength by Group 14 -