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John Hull's Journey

by Brendan Stern
Artwork depicting john Hull's adjustment to blindness over a period of five years from the depths of depression to regarding himself to be a 'whole-body seer'
Tags: written - prose - wounded_healer - depression - consultations - comp1 -

Lady With Pink Hair

by Anon
Young mother tragically contracting severe neurological condition during clinical treatment and deteriorating rapidly to the size of child.
Tags: written - prose - cut_adrift - neurology - medicine and surgery -

Life in the Glasshouse

by Anona McAvoy
Prose about patient on ward connected to machinery, in fear
Tags: written - prose - bone_deep - cancer (pancreatic) - general surgery - medicine and surgery -

Like I say, it drops

by Kathleen Galvin and Les Todres
Poetry informed by embodiment and phenomenological theory
Tags: written - prose - bone_deep -

Living with a Tumour

by Jasmine Kenyon
A wife's long-term carer perspective - following her husband's initial diagnosis of only four months to live
Tags: written - prose - under_the_skin - cancer - oncology and palliative care -

Living with Alcoholism

by Anon
Prose about living with mother's alcoholism
Tags: written - prose - wounded_healer - alcoholism - psychiatry - psychiatry and ethics -


by Katriona Thompson
Prose about a wheel-chair bound female patient being ignored by her doctor while a man-to- man chat ensues with 'Mark'.
Tags: written - prose - does_it_have_to_be_like_this - musculoskeletal - general practice - comp2 -

Music - medicine of the mind

by Grace Boyd
The use of music to support health and well-being, historical context and an experiential case-study
Tags: written - prose - arts_in_education - depression - care of the elderly - comp1 - music therapy - depression- arts in healthcare - well being - dementia -

My First Patient

by Alland Hart
Prose about soldier giving his water bottle to save baby
Tags: written - prose - who_am_i -

New Glasses

by Anonymous
Prose about grandparents, elderly husband waking his dying wife to inform her that he has been able to return her new glasses, emotional abuse, thoughts on death and dying
Tags: written - prose - my_family - palliative care -