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Every patient has their own story to tell. Expect the unexpected

by Stephen Singh
A home-visit reveals extraordinary bonds of love and support.
Tags: written - prose - under_the_skin - various - palliative care - medicine and surgery -

Face Value

by A Cunynghame
Prose about a young medic feeling he had connected with a patient and acquired insight into her situation yet finding her case-notes revealed a very different story
Tags: written - prose - cut_adrift - asthma - respiratory - medicine and surgery -

Finding the Pain

by Caitlin McDonnell

Tags: written - prose - arts_in_education -


by Alys Maconie
Prose about Janet - daughter as carer- taking off! after much provocation
Tags: written - prose - my_family - care of the elderly - comp2 -


by Chessi Guest
A sensitive enquiry into the internal and external triggers which give rise to 'happiness' or memories of 'happiness' in relation to depression.
Tags: written - prose - bone_deep - depression - psychiatry - psychiatry and ethics -

Healing Wounds

by Tania Hershman
A short story of a consultation inspired by the architectural formation of 'the bee's cell'.
Tags: written - prose - musing_on_the_muse -

How Am I?

by Joanna Farnsworth
Prose inspired by a spirited and frustrated terminally-ill mother who has just given birth
Tags: written - prose - does_it_have_to_be_like_this - terminal cancer -

How Can I Ever Forgive Myself?

by Anonymous
Prose about a patients unbearable grief and guilt and a doctor's help
Tags: written - prose - doctor_watching - depression - general practice/psychiatry - comp2/psychiatry and ethics -

I am at hand if needed....

by Lucy-Jayne Hodges
Prose about the significance and varied roles of holding hands
Tags: written - prose - heads_and_hearts -

I Open My Eyes...

by Sarah Jane Trehane
Prose from the perspective of patient who is in care, severely paralyzed, life-review
Tags: written - prose - does_it_have_to_be_like_this - tetraplegia - neurology - medicine and surgery -