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by Rory Paul Brennan
Perceptive poem-holistic insight into the frailties and strengths of the staff/patient dynamic
Tags: written - poetry - Wounded_healer - general practice - comp2 -

Daytime Television

by Caroline Clements
A poem from the carer's perspective - a stark domestic insight into the realities of supporting a loved one with acquired disability
Tags: written - poetry - does_it_have_to_be_like_this - general surgery - carer_perspective - paraplegia -

Dead Meat

by William Duffin
Multi-layered poem about the dissection room with a powerful aesthetic
Tags: written - poetry - bone_deep - anatomy -


by Rebecca Williams
Poem about suicidal depressed man at home 'another black morning....wife's got the car'
Tags: written - poetry - under_the_skin - depression - psychiatry - psychiatry and ethics -

Desert Rose

by Ruramayi Rukuni
Poem about a young girl with HIV in Zimbabwe inspiring the author to consider medicine as a career
Tags: written - poetry - out_of_our_heads - HIV - paediatrics - comp1 -

Disabled Mind

by Natalie Hanna
Poem about a young girl with a cleanliness phobia, perpetual hand-cleaning, parents responses, turning inwards
Tags: written - poetry - under_the_skin - obsessive compulsive disorder - psychiatry - psychiatry and ethics -


by Richard Jones
Poem about the student's younger sister and concern about diminished bond.
Tags: written - poetry - my_family -


by Sally
Poem about a young doctor on a ward feeling pressured and overwhelmed when facing medical with challenges alone
Tags: written - poetry - cut_adrift -

Dreams of Being a Mum

by Anonymous
Poem about judgemental G.P. and patient's needs not being met
Tags: written - poetry - under_the_skin - infertility - gynaecology - rhcn -

Emmanuel - A Gift, Too Soon

by Professor Gordon Stirrat
Poem written by an obstetrician about the death of a newborn - from the child's perspective
Tags: written - poetry - Out_of_our_heads - obstetrics - rhcn -