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Attention: This Building is Unsafe and Likely to Collapse

by Clemmie Stebbings
A daughter shares how her mother handled terminal lung disease both through writing poetry and in publishing practical ideas to support family and friends through a cancer diagnosis.
Tags: written - poetry - my_family - cancer (lung) - oncology -


by Anonymous
Poem about author's sister's arthritis as a child
Tags: written - poetry - bone_deep - arthritis - rheumatology - mdemo -

Beast of Burden

by Nicholas Charalambous
a tribute to the stoic accepting and often selfless attitude of the infirm elderly
Tags: written - poetry - Under_the_skin - care of the elderly - comp2 -

Big Black Dogs

by Denise Gomez
Poem about depression - 'big black dogs'
Tags: written - poetry - bone_deep - depression - psychiatry - psychiatry and ethics -


by Charlotte Horseman

Tags: written - poetry - Under_the_skin -

Breaking News

by Ben Offa-Jones
Poem about exhausted doctor delivering bad news
Tags: written - poetry - bone_deep -


by Anonymous
Poem about friend with anorexia
Tags: written - poetry - bone_deep - anorexia nervosa - psychiatry - psychiatry and ethics -

Can You Feel Me?

by Jenny Wong
The author empathizes with the predicament of a family friend - a dancer, whose self-image and identity has been damaged by an injury, through sensitive support the dancer's confidence is regained
Tags: written - poetry - bone_deep - orthopaedics - mdemo -


by Anonymous
Poem - a medical student's mixed response to his mother's suspected cancer diagnosis
Tags: written - poetry - who_am_i - cancer -

Coffee Break

by Richard Pellatt
Significance of the present moment, yet insignificance in wider spectrum complexities of shared family experience
Tags: written - poetry - my_family -