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A heart

by Fiona Hamilton

Tags: written - poetry - Musing_on_the_muse - cardiology -

A Little Boy, A Little Time

by Rhiannon Rodderick
Poem 'the epitome of health, the embodiment of pain' - the impact of encountering young children suffering from AIDS/HIV upon the author
Tags: written - poetry - out_of_our_heads - HIV - paediatrics - comp1 -

A Note On Haiku

by Acland Hart
Imaginative, insightful view of medical conditions using haiku format
Tags: written - poetry - Out_of_our_heads - depression -

A Parallel Universe

by Jessica Howard
Poem about the differing, and in this case tragic, lives others lead within the same city community
Tags: written - poetry - who_am_i - depression - psychiatry - psychiatry and ethics -

A Real Person Too

by Edward Toll
Poem from the perspective of a drug addict seeking understanding from the medical profession
Tags: written - poetry - does_it_have_to_be_like_this - addiction - psychiatry - psychiatry and ethics -

A Shared Experience

by Gemma Winzor
Prose about dramatically shifting perspective after diagnosis in a surgery from the patient's view
Tags: written - poetry - doctor_watching - cancer -

A Vision Gained

by Sarah Saunders

Tags: written - poetry - arts_in_education -

Afternoon Surgery

by Nick Harper
Poem about a cynical, alcohol-dependent G.P. - raising issues about and coping strategies within the medical profession
Tags: written - poetry - doctor_watching - substance abuse - general practice - comp2 -


by Hayley Penhale
Poem - 'the miracle of life is not to live but to be alive' the doctor's role in supporting this perspective
Tags: written - poetry - out_of_our_heads -


by Euridice Mendes
Oh how I would love to live in exhale' poem
Tags: written - poetry - bone_deep - asthma - respiratory - medicine and surgery -