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Surface Anatomy by Frederick Renyard, Nydile Ramesh and Amy Roberts  - The de-sexualization of patients by Victoria Husk - The difficulty of maintaining the whole person and 'social body' within patient care. The Phossy Jaw Story by Polly Pok-Lam Fung -  Historical parallels with a jaw condition now being treated by genetic technology. The Snowman by Thomas Scharzgruber - photograph of doctor-snowman made in response to wishes of a terminally-ill patient on a home-visit To a bird of a cage, can I help you fly free? by Sophie Boyd - an exploration of Locked-in Syndrome with reference to two case-studies Touch by Samantha Bandara - photograph of dying elderly man being comforted by his wife at his bedside in hospital - issues about with-holding further medical intervention Who says graffiti isn by Lucinda Ryan - photographs of graffiti in Bedminster skate park