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'Things were rubbish until Josie came to love me.'* by Catrin Evans - The role Josie, a labrador trained by Dogs for the Disabled played in the life of  Sam - a child with muscular dystrophy and his family A Memory Not Forgotten by Daniel - Childhood Illness :  the family impact by Dana Sobanpanah - infants,  brain-tumour, childhood illness Death, Rebirth, Faith, Fear, Belief, Loss, Change, Connections, Life by Rob Willmore - Emergency by Abigail Lewis-Barned - photograph of pills and toy car on table-top, a pivotal moment in a father's life. Exploring the idea of Mindfulness by Indira Garaeva - Doctor-patient relationship within modern heath-care - a  societal perspective exploring the balance between holistic care and a reductionist approach. Helping Hands by Alexander Glover - photo about institutionalization and learned helplessness image of patient surrounded by surgical instruments Hidden Problems by Steve Lindley - photo-collage, people on the underground, author as observer with medical eye Imagine if? by Yolanda Massey - black and white photographs of fruit and vegetables humorously positioned to represent the patients' clinical experience - encouraging the viewer to consider damage to the mind as well as the body Leaves by Anonymous - Life Sentences by Florence Cameron-Webb - A mother gives birth and returns to jail without her baby – what is gained from this arrangement? Lost by Sara Qandil - Bereavement and resilience: a personal perspective following family loss. Make a Difference by Ben Wood - images and text about  Port Talbot, insight into industrial history and social deprivation through chance encounter with a local resident. Patient X by Jonathan Williamson - This image and text raises issues around dis-empowerment and the role of patient's individual lived experience Photograph by Toby Pring - the challenge of disclosure within medicine Photographs of Loch Lomond by Sabrina Fudge - landscape photographs, Lomond Schizophrenia by Natalie Taylor - Stigma:  the impact schizophrenia on a family unit and a photographic exploration of the characteristics this condition in relation to the film 'A Beautiful Mind'. Seeing light in the darkest of places by Tanya Smith - A sensitive insight into the role of both the healthcare professional and the patient in a case of substance abuse where the debilitated mother has now only limited access to her toddler. Sitting Opposite Miss Havisham by Camilla Gorard - A photographic construction of a patient's experience of agrophobia and anxiety. Skin awareness device for experiencing our interface with the world by Helena Fox - The role of embodiment within the clinical encounter and consequent impact on the quality of healthcare.