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Self-Portrait by Jessica Thomerson - painting of girl with her head down writing and image of her face reflected back Isolation by Georgina Mair - This work highlights the necessity of patient-centred care within dementia and the necessity for family and healthcare professionals to maintain positive presence and resilience. The Lay Vessel by Hannah Phelan - a surgeon helps a anxious transplant patient to come terms with her situation by providing a wider, humane perspective The Heart of the Matter by Sophie Swinhoe - Musings on the heart, cultural, anatomical, personal inspired by patient artwork. The Window to the Patient by Sarah Jane Bingham - multi-coloured iris in an otherwise monochrome painting of an eye, insight into the uniqueness of each individual Living for the Day by Tareq Dessouki - painting of  golfer on the green using walking stick as putter -  symbolic of an elderly patients positive outlook as regards increasing infirmity. Head<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.outofourheads.net/oooh/Scripts/tinymce/themes/advanced/langs/en.js"></script> Pain by Dermot Mallon - water-colour, portrait of a woman in grey tones, red wound, 
emotional or physical pain? Thompson by Danny van de Klee - painting of ginger stripey cat on gold background Red and White Domes by Kate Noble - abstract painting, geometric, African architectural forms, P. Klee ref.  Landscape by Nina Beck - wild open landscape - painting Rose by Nina Beck - painting of a rose which inspired some website icons Hands by Nina Beck - painting of cupped hands, golden light Bob Marley by Vicky Wojciechowska - painting of Bob Marley singing in profile Brother and Sister by Sarah Wake - painting of the artist as a child with her brother, two heads together, from a cherished family photograph Am I resilient enough? by Dinushika Weerasinghe - Concerns and musings around surviving well within medicine with the patients’ quality of carevery much at heart. The Knot by Elfrieda Power - painted stripes with knot, analysis of the impact of alcoholism and drug abuse upon the individual, their family and professionals involved Kidney Flower by Hannah Mohamed Nazri - painting of diseased kidney as flower One Small Drop by Eleanor Slorach - ripple-effect painting We Do Not Yet See Clearly But Hope is Gold by Rachel Handley - Klimt-like circular painting, with floating figures accompanied by an insightful text looking at into the role of hope within terminal illness. The Meaning of War by Shilpa Ojha - painting of soldiers as bullets, war machinery, humanitarian, pacifist reflection