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Postcodes: are they a prescribing destiny? by Rachel Murphy - Exploring notion of post-code lottery regarding oncology treatment with particular reference to patient responses. Systems Analysis Case Study by Rebecca Smith -  Systems analysis drawing on both first-hand and fictional examples Tackling the obesity epidemic. by Rebecca Phelps - A personal case study approach and exploration of this complex issue. The Effects of Alcoholism by Anonymous - A poignant look at the impact of alcoholism upon a relative in denial about her disease and the impact on family dynamics. The importance of networks in prevention and treatment of Disease by Avgi Loizidou - Health as the cooperation of different systems at different levels. The Puzzle of Depression by The Art & Science of Medicine - The roots and pace of depression. The Role of Resilience in Alcoholism  by Eleanor Rogers - a case-study of alcohol-additiction and the author's journey  to perceive all perspectives and nature of this disease. The Slipper and the Shoe by Sarah Saunders - Collage of a terminally-ill patient's feet one in a casual slipper and the other in a highly polished shoe. Under the Iceberg by The Art & Science of Medicine - Individual barriers to seeking clinical help What Can You See? by Alex Curtis - artwork and narrative offering hope that addiction can be transformed and the patient's shattered life brought back together again What's Inside? by Teo Lopez Bernal   - A  sensitive case study of gender ambiguity and identity construction.