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Helen's Heart by Catherine Lamont-Robinson - clay heart in wire nest representing Helen Keller's relationship with her teacher Annie An Endless Sky by Sarah Goodall - sky scene with poem about the tragic impact of the loss of a close friend - how this experience can be taken into the medical sphere positively The Slipper and the Shoe by Sarah Saunders - Collage of a terminally-ill patient's feet one in a casual slipper and the other in a highly polished shoe. On the Outside by Megan Fileman -  Two clay figures, one enclosed in a glass tumbler which the other tries to release - symbolizing the complexities of trying to support to others from a variety of perspectives - friend/clinician etc.  
Framed by Anxiety by Suaad Walker -  a mixed-media representation of the artist's mother's long-standing depression  in a  textile hanging inspired by a John O'Donohue test It's all in the genes by Katherine Turner - What Can You See? by Alex Curtis - artwork and narrative offering hope that addiction can be transformed and the patient's shattered life brought back together again Alchemy by Catherine Lamont-Robinson - An article in the New Scientist outlining  the recent discovery that a certain rate of heart-beat in the foetus was the trigger for aortic stem cells to produce blood provoked this exploration into evolving dynamics within the body. Framing the Space by Louise Younie - Love is all around by Helena Crawshaw - construction inspired by patient insights and inspirations heart -images emerging from social encounters and the environment A Silent Society by Hope Jones - Left in the dark by Josephine Mooney - The devastating impact of a breakdown in communication between clinicians and also between patients and their doctors. The importance of networks in prevention and treatment of Disease by Avgi Loizidou - Health as the cooperation of different systems at different levels. The Role of Resilience in Alcoholism  by Eleanor Rogers - a case-study of alcohol-additiction and the author's journey  to perceive all perspectives and nature of this disease. Medical Attire and the Doctor by Sabrina Brar - Patient relationship in Paediatrics with regard to clothing. Tackling the obesity epidemic. by Rebecca Phelps - A personal case study approach and exploration of this complex issue. Systems Analysis Case Study by Rebecca Smith -  Systems analysis drawing on both first-hand and fictional examples Depression by Brendan Stern - The impact of depression alongside further medical conditions. A patient's low self belief and the challenges when a patient is unable to receive both clinical and domestic support. Ecosystem by Eleanor Weaver - An insightful exploration of the inter-connecting roles of staff employed in the hospital environment and patients’ experience of this complex dynamic.
What's Inside? by Teo Lopez Bernal   - A  sensitive case study of gender ambiguity and identity construction.