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A Dance Trapped in a Diseased Body

by Susannah McMahon
Dance representing the psychological and physical impact of disease.
Tags: multimedia - film - under_the_skin -

The Sad Sonata

by Priyanjalee Perera
Piano piece inspired by a patient with bipolar disorder and the tragedy of a fragmented family
Tags: multimedia - film - wounded_healer - bipolar disorder - psychiatry - psychiatry and ethics -

A Clockwork Lemon

by Misc

Tags: multimedia - film - medics_unplugged -

Doctors in the Movies

by Misc

Tags: multimedia - film - medics_unplugged -


by Viren Ahluwalia
A film inspired by sustainability and global consciousness.
Tags: multimedia - film - out_of_our_heads - sustainability - global consciousness - climate_change -

Open Your Eyes - Depression in Medical Students

by Anna Taylor
Challenging the misconceptions around medical health issues in medical education, a personal insight conveyed through film and text.
Tags: multimedia - film - wounded_healer - depression - consultations - comp1 - student mental health -

My mind is not my own

by Rebecca Wood
A subtly nuanced visual and audio interpretation of the impact of a stroke on a particular patient based on his detailed embodied descriptions.
Tags: multimedia - film - bone_deep - stroke - cardiology -

'The patient may appear well' - Amy's Story

by Madeline Dann
The effect of medically unexplained symptoms and associated complex issues including self-harm
Tags: multimedia - film - under_the_skin - various - general practice/psychiatry - psychiatry and ethics - Self-harm -


by Liam Carty-Howe
Learning alongside the sensitivity and the professional expertise of the clinician has been foundational to this carefully crafted film around the cultural stigma and emotional impact of infertility.
Tags: multimedia - film - doctor_watching - infertility - maternity - Effective Consulting - oooh_featured -

Musical Cough

by Elanor Brooks
Embodied music
Tags: multimedia - film - bone_deep - COPD - respiratory - oooh_featured -


by Min Joo Kim

Tags: multimedia - film - under_the_skin - hospital experience - oooh_featured -


by The Art & Science of Medicine
Unseen health issues and stigma.
Tags: multimedia - film - under_the_skin - oooh_featured -

Dialysis Bird

by Gemma Traynor
The tension between the living freely and dependency on dialysis .
Tags: multimedia - film - under_the_skin - renal failure - hospital care - oooh_featured -