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Taking by David Newhall - pastel, abstract, mixed emotions regarding a mother and her unborn child Termination by Andrea Brown - coloured drawing cartoon, girl with head in hands, the emotional aftermath of  an enforced termination The Architecture of Life, Death and Healing by Tom Hebden - A historical and aesthetic investigation into the impact of the healthcare environment with an individual, creative landscape proposal to support holism and healing. The art of adding beauty to the brain by Afrida Hussain - A retired GP with dementia’s insights about the unexpected opportunities and joys triggered by this condition inspire a student to re-assess her assumptions profoundly. The Art of General Practice by Anna Brown - cartoon of doctor beaming in on a ball from an array of symtoms array juggled by patient The Art of Medicine  by Paapa Appiah Odame - Drawing on the intersection of perception, presence, personalised approach and pattern recognition in consultation this student presents a tantalizing visual metaphor. The Art of Medicine- ‘The Doctor as an Artist’ by Nicholas Rees - A nuanced insight into the dynamic complexities and creativity of clinical consultations within authentic holistic care.
The Art of Touch by Oliver McKinney - An exploration of the role of touch between doctor and patient within the current climate of non invasive clinical technologies, The Eyes are the Window to The Soul by Lydia Newton - pencil drawings of a crying eye, refection explores the need for the doctor to read the patient's unspoken feelings The Impact of Rheumatoid Arthritis. by Thomas Hodgson - An x-ray image provides a metaphor for the nuanced perspectives at play in the holistic appreciation of both the individual patient's condition and life-world. The medical student: On Developing Emotional Resilience by Jack Harvey - The Placebo Effect by Edward McKee - The role of visual perception in a clinical trials and implications for healthcare in general. The Placebo effect in Healthcare by James Reilly - A diagrammatic representation of clinical values derived from an investigation into the placebo effect. The power of positive thinking by Kate Ryan - The role of positive thinking in accepting medical conditions and  the journey towards a positive perspective. The Reach by Group 21 - The Renal Transplant Ordeal by George Theobald - The complexities of a kidney transplant, a student's concern regarding the objectification of the patient in the name of cutting-edge research The Thoughts and Views of Those Living with Genetic Diseases by William Mephan - living with genetic conditions:  the impact on identity and self worth through the metaphor of a child’s experience of society and lack of agency. The way the doctor sees the patient and how the doctor sees themselves by Catherine Trappes-Lomax - drawing of doctor viewing distressed patient as an x-ray image Too Young To Understand by Jacob Coates - pencil image inspired by a young girl protected from the knowledge that her mother is terminally ill, moving and insightful reflection about the positive potential of close relationiships Touching Patients by Lauren van Lancker - drawing of junior doctor comforting an elderly, recently bereaved man in a hospital corridor