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Medical Dilemma by Rebecca Probert - drawing, pencil and colour, elderly woman in severe pain, safe level of pain-killers in question Mother and Child by Stuart Greer - Family bedside scene in pastel, network of support around the patient My Real Image by Clemency Clarke - an image inspired my the play 'Cancer Tales' which conveys how patients also carry the pain and fear of their loved-ones within their individual medical journey Pencil Drawing of an Old Man by Chris Newell - pencil drawing of  naked elderly patient with strip of black across his eyes to highlight de-personalisation Portrait by Peter Verheul - drawing of a patient capturing complex  emotions and expressions Postnatal Depression by Aisling Longworth - a powerful charcoal drawing and poem describing the agonizing physical and emotional impact of a traumatic childbirth. Pregnant Girl by Emily Byrne - Pastels Rabbit by Miranda Whinney - charcoal drawing of rabbit Recognising the carer as a patient too: focusing on young carers by Natalie Murray - An insight into shifting family dynamics once a child takes on the role of carer and ways children can be supported within this complex role-reversal. Reflection-Projection by Group 9 - Release by Laura Boden - Following in-depth research into acupuncture, this student reviews her position regarding complementary treatments. Resilience Recipes Cookbook by Sarah Burd - Celebrating the richness of socio-emotional and cultural perspectives in family and community cooking. Rose in the Wire by Elizabeth McGladdery - A delicate exploration of the tension between empathetic involvement and preserving the clinician’s resilience in the patient encounter. Sketchbook by Christine - sketchbook details recording heightened visual and sensory engagement Snakes in the heart by Martha Murdoch - A powerful combination of astute research and highly reflective personal narrative around viewing one’s body as untrustworthy, and the subsequent adaptation to living with diabetes.
Stairs by Nina Beck - small figure climbing through awindow at the top of flight of stairs, drawing Stress in Medical Practice by Jack Day -  an in-depth discussion of individual coping mechanisms with regard to the stress factors within clinical practice Support by Wynne Smith - pencil image of woman who has suffered a miscarraige during early pregnancy - in the hands of her sensitive G.P. Surgeon Stress by Guy Wintle - Combined perspectives of a heart surgeon in practice and the view of his own heart under medical pressures and the gaze of peers. Sweat, Blood and Tears by Emma Ferreira - The implications of stress, acceptance and the positive harnessing of bio-feedback and connectedness are richly explored from the personal perspective of living with Diabetes.