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Dementia Tree by Roseanna Harrison - A graphic and subtle insight into the physiological, emotional and social effects of dementia. Different countries, different people, same ideas by Lara Yorke - A global view f on the shared values within health and rights to quality care with a focus on well-being in childhood.
Eat Less! by Rebecca Wood - A close look at the complex interactions between the individual and their environment from a public health standpoint and a personal research around eating disorder. Empty Bed by  Ambika Sud - The drawing of a vacated bed in a hospice - symbolizes the author's first experience of death and her respect for the spirited patient who passed away. Exploring stress levels and coping strategies in the medical profession by Laura Connolly - Flowers by Camilla Siig - Exploring the intertwined role of clinical care and family support through an analogy with the healing properties associated with flora. Fragmented Identity by Rachel Elven - A visual portrayal of identity-construction post-stroke Grandfather by Jessica Green - pencil portrait of student's grandfather, sensitive appraisal of his life -experience behind the surface image Grey’s Anatomy Heart  by Josephine Rahman - A close examination of historical/socio-emotional context within the individual’s experience of clinical interventions leading to a sense of dis-embodiment. Hand Sequence 1. by William Duffin - Charcoal drawings of hands. Hand Sequence 2. by William Duffin - Charcoal drawings. Hand Sequence 3. by William Duffin - Charcoal drawings. Healing power of prayer by Chloe Wilson - A balanced investigation into the role prayer within healing in relation to diverse faiths, alternative therapies and clinical care. Hello Human by Fiona McCurdie - This portrait highlights a student's desire to reconnect with humanity within medical studies and focuses on the need to touch and be touched from the perspectives of both clinician and patient. Hercules by Damien Mony - Identity by Nicola Kong - finger-print image incorporating the word identity, issues of de-personalization in clinical situations and need to preserve the uniqueness of each individual Listen by Aaron Owen -  Integrated drawing of an ear and poem inspired by a message within the play 'Cancer Tales'- to respect the patient's story and their individuality. Listening To A Heart by Tom Cassidy - Really listening patients, their hopes and fears and what has brought them to their doctor in the first place - the stethoscope is used as a metaphor - blocking out the voice of the patient Little Girl Lost by Charlotte Davies - pencil and text , depression Living with Smoking by Gemma Faulkner - an exploration of the tension between the escalating effects of smoking on an already frail, elderly patient and her increasingly limited quality of life