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'Neglect' by Rachel Gale - pastel, sudivided- darkness one side, rainbow of colour on the other symbolising  stroke/neglect 11 minutes by Jessica Garner - 2 in 1 by Anne-Marie Streeton - charcoal drawing of human figures A message to our future doctors by Dot - A message to our future doctors by Eleanor - A message to our future doctors by Jean - A message to our future doctors by Heather - A Patchwork of my Experiences by Carla John - A hard-won insight into paediatric intensive care from the staff perspective - the inevitable emotional challenges and a discussion around modes of maintaing clinical professionalism. A Successful G.P. <script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.outofourheads.net/oooh/Scripts/tinymce/themes/advanced/langs/en.js"></script>Consultation by Jenny Stone - A cartoon-strip depiction of a positive G.P. consultation - the doctor initially represented as a dragon and the patient-represented as a sheep. Simultaneously, these anticipated/assumed roles are dropped. Alzheimer's Disease by Tom Clements - pencil-portrait depicting the isolation of Alzheimer's disease “You have 1 minute to draw the female reproductive system” by Natasha Alford - A fascinating collaborative visual experiment which raises important questions about gendered responses to embodiment within female reproduction. Bad News by Toluwaniyin Owoso  - The perils of clinical burnout are symbolized in this stark image of a defeated surgeon and preventative measures are discussed. BERG Balance by Rosalind Oakes - drawing of physiotherapist supporting patient through balance test  Beyond  Appearances by Priyanjalee Perera - pencil and colour Birds by Rachel Handley -  black ink sketches of birds Can curing do more harm than good? - The danger in creating ‘normality’. by Kirsty Kirkly - Gender questions. Connectedness in the Context of Healthcare by Jennifer Kingswell - Curse  of Old Age by V Navartnam - coloured-pencil line-drawing abstract -young person becomes elderly patient Dealing with Death - the perspective of both doctor and patient by Laura Powell - Are doctors prepared and resilient when treatment is no longer relevant, in the case of a dying patient and what is the patient's agenda? Death and Coping Strategies by Joe Allwood - a student's first experience of loss when a patient passes away - lessons learned from the terminally-ill  patient Roy, thoughts around protecting staff time with patients and  support for staff to process bereavement in their workplace.