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Medical Dilemma by Rebecca Probert - drawing, pencil and colour, elderly woman in severe pain, safe level of pain-killers in question Different countries, different people, same ideas by Lara Yorke - A global view f on the shared values within health and rights to quality care with a focus on well-being in childhood.
Touching Patients by Lauren van Lancker - drawing of junior doctor comforting an elderly, recently bereaved man in a hospital corridor The Art of General Practice by Anna Brown - cartoon of doctor beaming in on a ball from an array of symtoms array juggled by patient BERG Balance by Rosalind Oakes - drawing of physiotherapist supporting patient through balance test  Pencil Drawing of an Old Man by Chris Newell - pencil drawing of  naked elderly patient with strip of black across his eyes to highlight de-personalisation Too Young To Understand by Jacob Coates - pencil image inspired by a young girl protected from the knowledge that her mother is terminally ill, moving and insightful reflection about the positive potential of close relationiships 2 in 1 by Anne-Marie Streeton - charcoal drawing of human figures Wave by Jo Davies - Beyond  Appearances by Priyanjalee Perera - pencil and colour Birds by Rachel Handley -  black ink sketches of birds Stairs by Nina Beck - small figure climbing through awindow at the top of flight of stairs, drawing Grandfather by Jessica Green - pencil portrait of student's grandfather, sensitive appraisal of his life -experience behind the surface image Mother and Child by Stuart Greer - Family bedside scene in pastel, network of support around the patient Taking by David Newhall - pastel, abstract, mixed emotions regarding a mother and her unborn child The Eyes are the Window to The Soul by Lydia Newton - pencil drawings of a crying eye, refection explores the need for the doctor to read the patient's unspoken feelings Rabbit by Miranda Whinney - charcoal drawing of rabbit 'Neglect' by Rachel Gale - pastel, sudivided- darkness one side, rainbow of colour on the other symbolising  stroke/neglect Termination by Andrea Brown - coloured drawing cartoon, girl with head in hands, the emotional aftermath of  an enforced termination Untitled by Beth Healey - pencil drawing, empathetic interpretation of Dorothea Lange photograph