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Why do I feel so guilty about this?

by Declan McDonnall
Medic on ward with dying man feeling unable to hold his hand
Tags: written - prose - cut_adrift -


by Giles Coverdale
Difficult patient on ward
Tags: written - prose - cut_adrift - dementia - care of the elderly - comp2 -

A Matter of Life or Death

by Miriam Segelman
Prose about medics making life or death decisions and the network of individuals involved in each case
Tags: written - prose - cut_adrift -

A Special Meeting With A Special Girl

by Rishi Patel
Prose about a home visit, meeting a child with Downs Syndrome and the student's shift of perspective
Tags: written - prose - cut_adrift - downs syndrome - paediatrics/learning disabilitie - comp1/psychiatry -


by Sally
Poem about a young doctor on a ward feeling pressured and overwhelmed when facing medical with challenges alone
Tags: written - poetry - cut_adrift -

The Meeting That Made A Difference

by Sanjeevan Sriskandarajah
Home visit to elderly patient without larynx - medical student initially traumatized by the experience
Tags: written - prose - cut_adrift -

Whole Person Care

by Anonymous
Affirmation of the holistic perspective within medicine
Tags: written - poetry - cut_adrift - sexual health - rhcn -


by Amy Nichol
Poem about 'Strange Priveleges' of doctors from the banal observations to the poignant clinical episodes
Tags: written - poetry - doctor_watching - various - medical examination - general practice -

The Patient

by Anna Powell-Chandler
Prose about a home visit, defensive, elderly man breaking down after initial angry outburst and revealing the burden of abuse as a child despite a life full of 'accomplishments'
Tags: written - prose - doctor_watching - diabetes - general practice - comp2 -

Crisis Point

by Anon
Home-visit to elderly man no longer able to cope with his environment and independent day to day existence
Tags: written - prose - doctor_watching - general practice - comp2 -