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I am Like an Onion

by Grace Tompson
Poem about an elderly lady with depression haunted by her horrific childhood experiences in wartime Germany.
Tags: written - poetry - bone_deep - depression - psychiatry - psychiatry and ethics -


by Anonymous
Poem about elderly merchant seaman and the notion of his embodiment and identity being affected by the destruction of a prized tattoo
Tags: written - poetry - bone_deep -

Fire and Snow

by Anonymous
Poem about the uncomfortable death of the author's mother in hospital
Tags: written - poetry - bone_deep -

My Experience of the Dissection Room

by Rhian Edmunds
A very honest prose about a student's attempts to change her response from 'Gordon' the individual to that of a cadaver - written with dry humour
Tags: written - poetry - bone_deep - anatomy -

Feelings Lost in Rainfall

by Richard Pellatt
Poem about sensory dissonance
Tags: written - poetry - bone_deep -


by Anonymous
Poem about friend with anorexia
Tags: written - poetry - bone_deep - anorexia nervosa - psychiatry - psychiatry and ethics -

Dead Meat

by William Duffin
Multi-layered poem about the dissection room with a powerful aesthetic
Tags: written - poetry - bone_deep - anatomy -

Face Value

by A Cunynghame
Prose about a young medic feeling he had connected with a patient and acquired insight into her situation yet finding her case-notes revealed a very different story
Tags: written - prose - cut_adrift - asthma - respiratory - medicine and surgery -

Lady With Pink Hair

by Anon
Young mother tragically contracting severe neurological condition during clinical treatment and deteriorating rapidly to the size of child.
Tags: written - prose - cut_adrift - neurology - medicine and surgery -

My Mistake

by Bethan Loveless
Poem about a young patient dying due to a young doctor's oversight
Tags: written - poetry - cut_adrift -