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Disability in Healthcare by Fatima Rashed - A call for sensitivity and practical action in terms of disability awareness with a view to supporting both access and individual difference throughout healthcare. Disease is Not a Disorder of Function, but a Disorder of the Whole Person  by Merridith Izatt - a complex clinical social and global analysis of a patient living with lymphoma and chronic pain within clinical environment which has been less than fully responsive to his needs Does a Doctor's BMI affect their ability to treat patients? by Alice Huffman - How do patients view clinicians with obesity? does a high BMI make clinical practice problematic? does  the clinician's obesity impact on diagnosis? Drawn, Quartered and Smiling by Shaneel Shah - Delving beyond the surface of obesity-related conditions, this student uncovers a touching narrative and the indomitable spirit of a patient encountered on a home visit.  Drops in an Ocean by Group 1 - Eat Less! by Rebecca Wood - A close look at the complex interactions between the individual and their environment from a public health standpoint and a personal research around eating disorder. Eclipse by Hannah Sharma - The complexities and fears of a foster mother to a young adult with Down's syndrome who is experiencing undiagnosed pain and overwhelming seizures. She is unable to protect her foster son from the pain and anxieties which he cannot communicate and is high Ecosystem by Eleanor Weaver - An insightful exploration of the inter-connecting roles of staff employed in the hospital environment and patients’ experience of this complex dynamic.
Emergency by Abigail Lewis-Barned - photograph of pills and toy car on table-top, a pivotal moment in a father's life. Empty Bed by  Ambika Sud - The drawing of a vacated bed in a hospice - symbolizes the author's first experience of death and her respect for the spirited patient who passed away. Enslaved Mind by Ally Jaffee - a multi-layered analysis of habits of mind within daily interactions and the potential positive impact of both inter-personal and creative stimuli and interventions. Experience. Inspiration. Knowledge. Growth. by Oshi Weerasinghe - Exploring eating disorders by Camilla Gorard - Exploring stress levels and coping strategies in the medical profession by Laura Connolly - Exploring the idea of Mindfulness by Indira Garaeva - Doctor-patient relationship within modern heath-care - a  societal perspective exploring the balance between holistic care and a reductionist approach. Feeble, Precarious, Existence by Elizabeth Connolly Laker Nyeko - painting of doctor's perspective whilst dying of heart disease  - empty bed and candles Flowers by Camilla Siig - Exploring the intertwined role of clinical care and family support through an analogy with the healing properties associated with flora. Fragmented Identity by Rachel Elven - A visual portrayal of identity-construction post-stroke Framed by Anxiety by Suaad Walker -  a mixed-media representation of the artist's mother's long-standing depression  in a  textile hanging inspired by a John O'Donohue test