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Close-up:  images of the body by Bryony Lewis - Collaborative Heart Patchwork by Brooklea Creative Arts for Health Group - a patchwork heart pulling together contributions from a medical community and relatives 
Connectedness in the Context of Healthcare by Jennifer Kingswell - Consent and Patient Capacity by Alice Irwin - Creating a Safe Space by Jennifer Worrall - collage of teabags and newsprint text -exploring the holistic nature of medicine Creativity and its Place in Medicine by Eleanor Slorach - Extract from Eleanor's 2010 SSC focusing of the OOOH! to explore Creativity within the curriculum at Bristol medical school and the website as a teaching and learning resource. Crumpled Sheets by Amy McKenzie - Curse  of Old Age by V Navartnam - coloured-pencil line-drawing abstract -young person becomes elderly patient Daffodil by Kate Birchenall - painting of daffodil head and withered flower in red ring Dealing with Death - the perspective of both doctor and patient by Laura Powell - Are doctors prepared and resilient when treatment is no longer relevant, in the case of a dying patient and what is the patient's agenda? Death and Coping Strategies by Joe Allwood - a student's first experience of loss when a patient passes away - lessons learned from the terminally-ill  patient Roy, thoughts around protecting staff time with patients and  support for staff to process bereavement in their workplace. Death, Rebirth, Faith, Fear, Belief, Loss, Change, Connections, Life by Rob Willmore - Dementia and the Sense of Self by Sarah Burge - Dementia viewed from the perspective of a newly emerging sense of self  - as opposed to a self which is ‘less’ than before and the responsibility of others to value this process. Dementia and whole person care by John Marshall - A medical student who was previously a carer in home for the elderly explores the challenges of connecting with residents suffering from dementia and presents an insightful case-study. Dementia Tree by Roseanna Harrison - A graphic and subtle insight into the physiological, emotional and social effects of dementia. Depression by Brendan Stern - The impact of depression alongside further medical conditions. A patient's low self belief and the challenges when a patient is unable to receive both clinical and domestic support. Despair by Olivia Bell - Processing the impact of a diagnosis of clinical depression witnessed in a GP consultation through layers of painting Diagnosis: Loneliness by Weiken Tan - the impact of loneliness on individual health- a case-study and social experiment Different countries, different people, same ideas by Lara Yorke - A global view f on the shared values within health and rights to quality care with a focus on well-being in childhood.