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Bad News by Ruth Friedlander - A broad view of the hidden, visceral impact of diagnosis on the patient, family and extended community- potentially interpreted as dis-engaged during the emotional process of adjustment. Balancing Boats and Bodies by Matilda Fuller - Diverse embodiment within resilience Beneath the Surface by Elena Hazelgrove-Planel - multi-layered textural collage of head in profile to represent the need for both staff and patients to go beyond the surface BERG Balance by Rosalind Oakes - drawing of physiotherapist supporting patient through balance test  Between the Cracks by The Art & Science of Medicine - Mental health within clinical practice Beyond  Appearances by Priyanjalee Perera - pencil and colour Beyond Physical Boundaries by The Art & Science of Medicine - The significance of the unseen in consultations. Biomedical Man by Rhys Jones - Birds by Rachel Handley -  black ink sketches of birds Bob Marley by Vicky Wojciechowska - painting of Bob Marley singing in profile Breaking Bad News to a Patient by Maria Williams - Broken Machine by Madeleine Love - a creative piece which looks at the a long-term in-patient relationship with their healthcare team the line drawing highlights the challenge of preserving the individuality of the patient. Brother and Sister by Sarah Wake - painting of the artist as a child with her brother, two heads together, from a cherished family photograph Burn Out by India Vecueray - The vital role of awareness of others and empathy within clinical teams. Also a personal commitment to the use the arts as both a mode of rigorous enquiry and a nurturing space. Can curing do more harm than good? - The danger in creating ‘normality’. by Kirsty Kirkly - Gender questions. Canadian Geese  by Helen Crowley  - A mother and daughter share their appreciation of natural forms and systems as a nurturing connection. Caterpillar to Butterfly by Rebecca Lovell - photo-collage, gold, text and paint Childhood Illness :  the family impact by Dana Sobanpanah - infants,  brain-tumour, childhood illness Chispa by Paloma - Climate Transformation and Health Deterioration by Alex Coull -