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Touching Patients by Lauren van Lancker - drawing of junior doctor comforting an elderly, recently bereaved man in a hospital corridor Trading One Vice For The Other by Eduardo Panaiotis - A gritty encounter with the viscous circle of addiction and sensitive reflection around prevention and responsibility pre the chain of medical encounters. Trapped by Disease by Sonya Hessey - the will to hold onto self-identity within rapidly advancing motor-neuron disease Two Women by V. Taylor - the diverseness and fragility of fertility and cultural context U.B.H.T Lost Property by Robert Colaco - black and white cartoon, lost identity - gowned patient at hospital desk Under the Iceberg by The Art & Science of Medicine - Individual barriers to seeking clinical help Unhappy for 9 Years by Richard Purcell - Untitled by Anon - collage of figures and diagrams of organs - a play on the notion that the clinician perceives their patients as embodied conditions merely Untitled by Beth Healey - pencil drawing, empathetic interpretation of Dorothea Lange photograph Untitled by Graham Walkden - Up Close and Personal by The Art & Science of Medicine - Balancing anatomy and living presence through portraiture Vertigo by Victoria Cordell - painting from the perspective of a patient's distorted vision and fragile balance Waiting Rooms by Tim Graham - a pencil drawing of a patient in foetal position in a waiting room-exploring the body language of vulnerability Walking Upstream by Meenakshi Balasirishwaran - A representation of the day to day complexities of depression and the challenges and impact of the social perceptions around this condition. Walled-In<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.outofourheads.net/oooh/Scripts/tinymce/themes/advanced/langs/en.js"></script> by G. Michells - collage, brick wall with image of elderly woman behind bars surrounded by family photographs Wave by Jo Davies - We Do Not Yet See Clearly But Hope is Gold by Rachel Handley - Klimt-like circular painting, with floating figures accompanied by an insightful text looking at into the role of hope within terminal illness. What Can Medics Learn from Christy Brown? by Maximilian Peluso - What Can You See? by Alex Curtis - artwork and narrative offering hope that addiction can be transformed and the patient's shattered life brought back together again What's Inside? by Teo Lopez Bernal   - A  sensitive case study of gender ambiguity and identity construction.