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The Sun-Bather by Zoe Isaacson - A richly metaphoric use of a sand-sculpture to portray the risks of malignant melanoma and explore societal pressures The Tangled Knot of the Patient by Rupert Ricks - mixed-media collage, ribbon, string The Thoughts and Views of Those Living with Genetic Diseases by William Mephan - living with genetic conditions:  the impact on identity and self worth through the metaphor of a child’s experience of society and lack of agency. The Veil by Lara Gibbs - Pastel drawing of a rose and drape symbolizing the tragic scenario of young baby's imminent death and the impact on both family and medical staff. The Wait by Group 11 - The way the doctor sees the patient and how the doctor sees themselves by Catherine Trappes-Lomax - drawing of doctor viewing distressed patient as an x-ray image The Weight of Burdens by Orla Webster - The strata of multiple clinical conditions under pressure within families and everday life. The Window to the Patient by Sarah Jane Bingham - multi-coloured iris in an otherwise monochrome painting of an eye, insight into the uniqueness of each individual Think Like a Tree by Mariella Williams - The oak tree is explored as a metaphor of connectedness, awareness and diversity within resilient well- being This Family and other drugs by Antonis Tofias - An other-worldly moment when communication complexity post-stroke dissolves in an integrated, multi-sensory environmental experience. Thompson by Danny van de Klee - painting of ginger stripey cat on gold background Thoughts on Placebo by Jack Hurley - The placebo of 'meaning' within medical practice: the physical, social and psychological dimensions of a patient Thumb Print by Oliver Catton  - Patient viewing herself as without agency and merely a receptacle for medication in the eyes of medics. To a bird of a cage, can I help you fly free? by Sophie Boyd - an exploration of Locked-in Syndrome with reference to two case-studies To Act in the Best Interests of the Patient by Group 24 - Tolerant Farmer by Edward Johnson - cartoon drawing of stoic farmer reluctant to visit his G.P. on a prescription sheet Too Young To Understand by Jacob Coates - pencil image inspired by a young girl protected from the knowledge that her mother is terminally ill, moving and insightful reflection about the positive potential of close relationiships Topsy-Turvey by Rebecca Johnson - collage inpired by consultation, desire to see the patient holistically despite the need to focus on specific clinical issues Touch by Samantha Bandara - photograph of dying elderly man being comforted by his wife at his bedside in hospital - issues about with-holding further medical intervention