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Thumb Print by Oliver Catton  - Patient viewing herself as without agency and merely a receptacle for medication in the eyes of medics. To a bird of a cage, can I help you fly free? by Sophie Boyd - an exploration of Locked-in Syndrome with reference to two case-studies Tolerant Farmer by Edward Johnson - cartoon drawing of stoic farmer reluctant to visit his G.P. on a prescription sheet Too Young To Understand by Jacob Coates - pencil image inspired by a young girl protected from the knowledge that her mother is terminally ill, moving and insightful reflection about the positive potential of close relationiships Topsy-Turvey by Rebecca Johnson - collage inpired by consultation, desire to see the patient holistically despite the need to focus on specific clinical issues Touch by Samantha Bandara - photograph of dying elderly man being comforted by his wife at his bedside in hospital - issues about with-holding further medical intervention Touching Patients by Lauren van Lancker - drawing of junior doctor comforting an elderly, recently bereaved man in a hospital corridor Trading One Vice For The Other by Eduardo Panaiotis - A gritty encounter with the viscous circle of addiction and sensitive reflection around prevention and responsibility pre the chain of medical encounters. Trapped by Disease by Sonya Hessey - the will to hold onto self-identity within rapidly advancing motor-neuron disease Two Women by V. Taylor - the diverseness and fragility of fertility and cultural context U.B.H.T Lost Property by Robert Colaco - black and white cartoon, lost identity - gowned patient at hospital desk Under the Iceberg by The Art & Science of Medicine - Individual barriers to seeking clinical help Unhappy for 9 Years by Richard Purcell - Untitled by Anon - collage of figures and diagrams of organs - a play on the notion that the clinician perceives their patients as embodied conditions merely Untitled by Beth Healey - pencil drawing, empathetic interpretation of Dorothea Lange photograph Untitled by Graham Walkden - Up Close and Personal by The Art & Science of Medicine - Balancing anatomy and living presence through portraiture Vertigo by Victoria Cordell - painting from the perspective of a patient's distorted vision and fragile balance Waiting Rooms by Tim Graham - a pencil drawing of a patient in foetal position in a waiting room-exploring the body language of vulnerability Walking Upstream by Meenakshi Balasirishwaran - A representation of the day to day complexities of depression and the challenges and impact of the social perceptions around this condition.