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The Puzzle of Depression by The Art & Science of Medicine - The roots and pace of depression. The Renal Transplant Ordeal by George Theobald - The complexities of a kidney transplant, a student's concern regarding the objectification of the patient in the name of cutting-edge research The Role of Resilience in Alcoholism  by Eleanor Rogers - a case-study of alcohol-additiction and the author's journey  to perceive all perspectives and nature of this disease. The Shadow of War by Emily Deacon-Elliott  - A call for increased clinical sensitivity to the impact of PTSD drawing on biographical material. The Slipper and the Shoe by Sarah Saunders - Collage of a terminally-ill patient's feet one in a casual slipper and the other in a highly polished shoe. The Snowman by Thomas Scharzgruber - photograph of doctor-snowman made in response to wishes of a terminally-ill patient on a home-visit The Streets of London by Lorna - A member of a surgery arts group, Lorna suddenly finds that she hears a familiar piece of music in a completely new way and feels that this shift in her awareness may reflect a step-forward in her sense of well-being and a stronger connection with the out The Struggle by Emily Ashworth - The Sun-Bather by Zoe Isaacson - A richly metaphoric use of a sand-sculpture to portray the risks of malignant melanoma and explore societal pressures The Tangled Knot of the Patient by Rupert Ricks - mixed-media collage, ribbon, string The Thoughts and Views of Those Living with Genetic Diseases by William Mephan - living with genetic conditions:  the impact on identity and self worth through the metaphor of a child’s experience of society and lack of agency. The Veil by Lara Gibbs - Pastel drawing of a rose and drape symbolizing the tragic scenario of young baby's imminent death and the impact on both family and medical staff. The way the doctor sees the patient and how the doctor sees themselves by Catherine Trappes-Lomax - drawing of doctor viewing distressed patient as an x-ray image The Weight of Burdens by Orla Webster - The strata of multiple clinical conditions under pressure within families and everday life. The Window to the Patient by Sarah Jane Bingham - multi-coloured iris in an otherwise monochrome painting of an eye, insight into the uniqueness of each individual Think Like a Tree by Mariella Williams - The oak tree is explored as a metaphor of connectedness, awareness and diversity within resilient well- being This Family and other drugs by Antonis Tofias - An other-worldly moment when communication complexity post-stroke dissolves in an integrated, multi-sensory environmental experience. Thompson by Danny van de Klee - painting of ginger stripey cat on gold background Thoughts on Placebo by Jack Hurley - The placebo of 'meaning' within medical practice: the physical, social and psychological dimensions of a patient