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The Mirror of Perspective by Holly Davies - The monster under the bed by Alexander Fuller - The Patchwork Body by Joanne Ferguson - Textile collage as a metaphor for holism within the treatment of disease and the place of creative engagement within medical-student well being. The Patient by James Hayward - surreal painting - Dali tongue as spoon, pills - the objectification of the patient The Patient by anonymous - painting, figure in night-scene, head in hands, surrounded by red halo The Phossy Jaw Story by Polly Pok-Lam Fung -  Historical parallels with a jaw condition now being treated by genetic technology. The Placebo Effect by Edward McKee - The role of visual perception in a clinical trials and implications for healthcare in general. The Placebo effect in Healthcare by James Reilly - A diagrammatic representation of clinical values derived from an investigation into the placebo effect. The power of positive thinking by Kate Ryan - The role of positive thinking in accepting medical conditions and  the journey towards a positive perspective. The Power of the Environment and Creativity by Cath Poyser - The Practicality of the Therapeutic Relationship by Ahmad Aisamuddin Mohamad   - The Puzzle of Depression by The Art & Science of Medicine - The roots and pace of depression. The Reach by Group 21 - The Renal Transplant Ordeal by George Theobald - The complexities of a kidney transplant, a student's concern regarding the objectification of the patient in the name of cutting-edge research The Role of Resilience in Alcoholism  by Eleanor Rogers - a case-study of alcohol-additiction and the author's journey  to perceive all perspectives and nature of this disease. The Shadow of War by Emily Deacon-Elliott  - A call for increased clinical sensitivity to the impact of PTSD drawing on biographical material. The Slipper and the Shoe by Sarah Saunders - Collage of a terminally-ill patient's feet one in a casual slipper and the other in a highly polished shoe. The Snowman by Thomas Scharzgruber - photograph of doctor-snowman made in response to wishes of a terminally-ill patient on a home-visit The Streets of London by Lorna - A member of a surgery arts group, Lorna suddenly finds that she hears a familiar piece of music in a completely new way and feels that this shift in her awareness may reflect a step-forward in her sense of well-being and a stronger connection with the out The Struggle by Emily Ashworth -