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The Impact of Rheumatoid Arthritis. by Thomas Hodgson - An x-ray image provides a metaphor for the nuanced perspectives at play in the holistic appreciation of both the individual patient's condition and life-world. The importance of networks in prevention and treatment of Disease by Avgi Loizidou - Health as the cooperation of different systems at different levels. The Individuality of Illness by Katherine Parker - Three patients’ diverse approaches to challenging medical conditions are  explored and interpreted through imagery and prose. 
The Jigsaw of Recovery: caring for anxiety by Eleanor Boden - The fragile nature of supporting anxiety from the perspective of a daughter and carer : clinical and personal perspectives The Knot by Elfrieda Power - painted stripes with knot, analysis of the impact of alcoholism and drug abuse upon the individual, their family and professionals involved The Lay Vessel by Hannah Phelan - a surgeon helps a anxious transplant patient to come terms with her situation by providing a wider, humane perspective The Meaning of War by Shilpa Ojha - painting of soldiers as bullets, war machinery, humanitarian, pacifist reflection The medical student: On Developing Emotional Resilience by Jack Harvey - The Mirror of Perspective by Holly Davies - The monster under the bed by Alexander Fuller - The Patchwork Body by Joanne Ferguson - Textile collage as a metaphor for holism within the treatment of disease and the place of creative engagement within medical-student well being. The Patient by James Hayward - surreal painting - Dali tongue as spoon, pills - the objectification of the patient The Patient by anonymous - painting, figure in night-scene, head in hands, surrounded by red halo The Phossy Jaw Story by Polly Pok-Lam Fung -  Historical parallels with a jaw condition now being treated by genetic technology. The Placebo Effect by Edward McKee - The role of visual perception in a clinical trials and implications for healthcare in general. The Placebo effect in Healthcare by James Reilly - A diagrammatic representation of clinical values derived from an investigation into the placebo effect. The power of positive thinking by Kate Ryan - The role of positive thinking in accepting medical conditions and  the journey towards a positive perspective. The Power of the Environment and Creativity by Cath Poyser - The Practicality of the Therapeutic Relationship by Ahmad Aisamuddin Mohamad   -