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Taking by David Newhall - pastel, abstract, mixed emotions regarding a mother and her unborn child Taking History by Libby Wilson - An insight into the impact a diagnosis of breast cancer and further complications upon a close-knit family. Targets by Diana Slim - response to government guidelines, cartoon of patient as dart-practice on bulls-eye for pressured G.P. Tears by Katherine Edgerley - image of crying woman on ink-blotted page, notion need for emotional support from the doctor set against the gradual de-personalization of medicine Termination by Andrea Brown - coloured drawing cartoon, girl with head in hands, the emotional aftermath of  an enforced termination The Architecture of Life, Death and Healing by Tom Hebden - A historical and aesthetic investigation into the impact of the healthcare environment with an individual, creative landscape proposal to support holism and healing. The Architecture of the Doctor-Patient Relationship by Chris Hewitt - an analysis of caring and effective doctor-patient relationships from observations within consultations The Arms of isolation by Eleanor McNally - The role of social prescription for isolated patients and potentially negative impact of media coverage on individualized perceptions of NHS care. The art of adding beauty to the brain by Afrida Hussain - A retired GP with dementia’s insights about the unexpected opportunities and joys triggered by this condition inspire a student to re-assess her assumptions profoundly. The Art of General Practice by Anna Brown - cartoon of doctor beaming in on a ball from an array of symtoms array juggled by patient The Art of Medicine  by Paapa Appiah Odame - Drawing on the intersection of perception, presence, personalised approach and pattern recognition in consultation this student presents a tantalizing visual metaphor. The Art of Medicine- ‘The Doctor as an Artist’ by Nicholas Rees - A nuanced insight into the dynamic complexities and creativity of clinical consultations within authentic holistic care.
The art of the patient-narrative by Padraig Totten  - An extraordinarily metaphorical description of abdominal pain highlights the complexity of describing physical symptoms verbally and this student’s respect for the role of  patient narrative. The Art of Touch by Oliver McKinney - An exploration of the role of touch between doctor and patient within the current climate of non invasive clinical technologies, The Artist's Tale by Will Duffin - The Bag of Life by Ruth Russell - The barrier of medical jargon. by Michele Correa - A plea for less clinical terminology used in consultations to build a more participatory relationship between clinicians and patients. The Bold Explorer by Hayley Penhale -  image of ice-flow with yellow figure picking his way across - patient determined to forge a path - despite his diagnosis The combination of the mind, the body, emotions and spirit to encourage resilience by Elizabeth Mallon - An analysis of the film The Diving Bell and the Butterfly  raising questions around the quality of life within profound disability. The de-sexualization of patients by Victoria Husk - The difficulty of maintaining the whole person and 'social body' within patient care.