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The Art of Medicine  by Paapa Appiah Odame - Drawing on the intersection of perception, presence, personalised approach and pattern recognition in consultation this student presents a tantalizing visual metaphor. The Art of Medicine- ‘The Doctor as an Artist’ by Nicholas Rees - A nuanced insight into the dynamic complexities and creativity of clinical consultations within authentic holistic care.
The art of the patient-narrative by Padraig Totten  - An extraordinarily metaphorical description of abdominal pain highlights the complexity of describing physical symptoms verbally and this student’s respect for the role of  patient narrative. The Art of Touch by Oliver McKinney - An exploration of the role of touch between doctor and patient within the current climate of non invasive clinical technologies, The Artist's Tale by Will Duffin - The Bag of Life by Ruth Russell - The barrier of medical jargon. by Michele Correa - A plea for less clinical terminology used in consultations to build a more participatory relationship between clinicians and patients. The Bold Explorer by Hayley Penhale -  image of ice-flow with yellow figure picking his way across - patient determined to forge a path - despite his diagnosis The combination of the mind, the body, emotions and spirit to encourage resilience by Elizabeth Mallon - An analysis of the film The Diving Bell and the Butterfly  raising questions around the quality of life within profound disability. The de-sexualization of patients by Victoria Husk - The difficulty of maintaining the whole person and 'social body' within patient care. The Destruction of Stigma by Peter Lawrence - A graphic illustration and documentation of a young man's acceptance of his HIV diagnosis. The effect of medical team-work on patient care by Jacqueline Gape - The Effects of Alcoholism by Anonymous - A poignant look at the impact of alcoholism upon a relative in denial about her disease and the impact on family dynamics. The Elephant In The Room by Kate Blundell - cartoon of elephant viewing proceedings during a consultation unacknowledged-upon by both doctor and patient The Empathetic Doctor by Anon - photo collage, female figure with syringe The Eyes are the Window to The Soul by Lydia Newton - pencil drawings of a crying eye, refection explores the need for the doctor to read the patient's unspoken feelings The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all (Chinese proverb by Lydia Watson - resilience - from the perspectives of individual differences in patients and self-care as a medical student The Heart of the Matter by Sophie Swinhoe - Musings on the heart, cultural, anatomical, personal inspired by patient artwork. The Impact of Chronic Illness on Lifestyle by Anonymous -