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Self-Portrait by Jessica Thomerson - painting of girl with her head down writing and image of her face reflected back Sewing yourself back together  by The Art & Science of Medicine - Holistic perspectives around post natal depression Silence is the loudest cry - my approach to depression by Ewa Powalska - Silver Lining by Friederike Baldeweg - Sitting Opposite Miss Havisham by Camilla Gorard - A photographic construction of a patient's experience of agrophobia and anxiety. Sketchbook by Christine - sketchbook details recording heightened visual and sensory engagement Skin awareness device for experiencing our interface with the world by Helena Fox - The role of embodiment within the clinical encounter and consequent impact on the quality of healthcare. Snakes in the heart by Martha Murdoch - A powerful combination of astute research and highly reflective personal narrative around viewing one’s body as untrustworthy, and the subsequent adaptation to living with diabetes.
So you say I can’t do GCSE PE?  Well now I’m a Paralympian. by Victoria Freedman - A student's personal insight into the role of  family and societal attitudes around visual impairment. Solar Eclipse of the Eye by Celestine Weegenaar - Spots of Patients by Irorho Ejournah - colour-reverse abstract dots to demonstrate the diversity of embodiment and approach despite identical conditions Stairs by Nina Beck - small figure climbing through awindow at the top of flight of stairs, drawing Strength by Group 14 - Stress in Medical Practice by Jack Day -  an in-depth discussion of individual coping mechanisms with regard to the stress factors within clinical practice Support by Wynne Smith - pencil image of woman who has suffered a miscarraige during early pregnancy - in the hands of her sensitive G.P. Surface Anatomy by Frederick Renyard, Nydile Ramesh and Amy Roberts  - Surgeon Stress by Guy Wintle - Combined perspectives of a heart surgeon in practice and the view of his own heart under medical pressures and the gaze of peers. Sweat, Blood and Tears by Emma Ferreira - The implications of stress, acceptance and the positive harnessing of bio-feedback and connectedness are richly explored from the personal perspective of living with Diabetes. Systems Analysis Case Study by Rebecca Smith -  Systems analysis drawing on both first-hand and fictional examples Tackling the obesity epidemic. by Rebecca Phelps - A personal case study approach and exploration of this complex issue.