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Pseudo Life by Lucy Blake - Rabbit by Miranda Whinney - charcoal drawing of rabbit Reach Out by Ian Mutanga - A student volunteer finds himself challenged to the hilt in supporting a traumatised medical student and reflects deeply on the role of personal experience, timing and when to seek peer support. Reach out to Me by Charlotte Chick - Inspired by volunteering in the homeless community  Charlotte focuses on  preserving dignity and respect for the patients’ sense of self. Reassurance by Helen Collyer-Merritt - pencil drawing of hands representing the power of the doctor's touch Recognising the carer as a patient too: focusing on young carers by Natalie Murray - An insight into shifting family dynamics once a child takes on the role of carer and ways children can be supported within this complex role-reversal. Red and White Domes by Kate Noble - abstract painting, geometric, African architectural forms, P. Klee ref.  Reflection-Projection by Group 9 - Reflections on the Human Form by The Art & Science of Medicine - Drawing on historical and current perspectives  to exploring  the richness of human form. Release by Laura Boden - Following in-depth research into acupuncture, this student reviews her position regarding complementary treatments. Resilience in Dancers by Jasmine Bailey - Resilience in the siblings of disabled children by Anonymous - An insider perspective around disability within the family unit contextualized  through current research. Resilience Recipes Cookbook by Sarah Burd - Celebrating the richness of socio-emotional and cultural perspectives in family and community cooking. Resilient Doctors by Carolina Watters - Rose by Nina Beck - painting of a rose which inspired some website icons Rose in the Wire by Elizabeth McGladdery - A delicate exploration of the tension between empathetic involvement and preserving the clinician’s resilience in the patient encounter. Schizophrenia by Natalie Taylor - Stigma:  the impact schizophrenia on a family unit and a photographic exploration of the characteristics this condition in relation to the film 'A Beautiful Mind'. Seeing light in the darkest of places by Tanya Smith - A sensitive insight into the role of both the healthcare professional and the patient in a case of substance abuse where the debilitated mother has now only limited access to her toddler. Seen Unseen by Group 17 - Self care and self development- the things that breed resilient doctors. by Shona Ginty -