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Addiction by Sophie Harries - An insight into the complexity of substance addiction impacting both the mind and body. Alchemy by Catherine Lamont-Robinson - An article in the New Scientist outlining  the recent discovery that a certain rate of heart-beat in the foetus was the trigger for aortic stem cells to produce blood provoked this exploration into evolving dynamics within the body. All Men are Equal by Charlotte Kilkenny -  A case-study exploration of the psychological and physiological components  addressed within supporting the impact of rheumatoid arthritis. Alzheimer's Disease by Tom Clements - pencil-portrait depicting the isolation of Alzheimer's disease Am I resilient enough? by Dinushika Weerasinghe - Concerns and musings around surviving well within medicine with the patients’ quality of carevery much at heart. An Appointment in Samarra by Oliver Marsden - A challenge to instrumental approaches with regard to death within healthcare. An Endless Sky by Sarah Goodall - sky scene with poem about the tragic impact of the loss of a close friend - how this experience can be taken into the medical sphere positively An expanded mind by Brid Dinneen - A three-dimensional representation of the impact of long-term depression. Anatomical Art by Esther Cole - Anatomy of Thoughts by Group 5 - Anti Mnemonist by Anonymous - Anxiety by Lydia Hawkins - A case-study of the context and progression of claustrophobia. Art and Medical Practice: how medical relationships have evolved in art by Christopher Waters - Art as a reflection of thoughts and emotions  of society through time - an investigation of evolution, changes and relevance of the continued relationship between art and medicine today. Art in Medicine by Amelia Kerr - exploration of the therapeutic and instrumental role of creativity on the part of both medical student/artist and friend/patient following treatment for breast-cancer Art of 'Off the Record' by Samya Sarfaraz - Personal experience of burnout lead to an encounter with the Bristol Mental Health programme Off The Record - where this student is now a trustee and passionate advocate for young people in supporting resilience.  Autism, art and animals by Alice Parker - This subject has been explored from the author’s family experience in addition to academic enquiry and provides a rich insights into the complexities and joys of diverse communication. Awesome by Paloma - textile piece celebrating the miracle of conception and birth, also exploring identity construction -  how we integrate our life-experiences. ‘But Gampo, your carpet’s dirty’ by Elena Priestman - A poignant, perceptive and searingly honest enquiry into the complexities of emotional connection and integration. “You have 1 minute to draw the female reproductive system” by Natasha Alford - A fascinating collaborative visual experiment which raises important questions about gendered responses to embodiment within female reproduction. Bad News by Toluwaniyin Owoso  - The perils of clinical burnout are symbolized in this stark image of a defeated surgeon and preventative measures are discussed.