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One Small Drop by Eleanor Slorach - ripple-effect painting Orofacial Pain by Tim Collins - The all-consuming and fragmenting impact of chronic and acute facial pain. Paranoia by Sam Nugent - black pen cartoon figures around notion of carrying 'secret' illness Patient X by Jonathan Williamson - This image and text raises issues around dis-empowerment and the role of patient's individual lived experience Pencil Drawing of an Old Man by Chris Newell - pencil drawing of  naked elderly patient with strip of black across his eyes to highlight de-personalisation Peter by Haydn Williams - Photograph by Toby Pring - the challenge of disclosure within medicine Photographs of Loch Lomond by Sabrina Fudge - landscape photographs, Lomond Picking Up The Pieces by Grace Pearson - A musical composition inspired by a suicidal patient living in intolerable circumstances. Portrait by Peter Verheul - drawing of a patient capturing complex  emotions and expressions Postcodes: are they a prescribing destiny? by Rachel Murphy - Exploring notion of post-code lottery regarding oncology treatment with particular reference to patient responses. Postnatal Depression by Aisling Longworth - a powerful charcoal drawing and poem describing the agonizing physical and emotional impact of a traumatic childbirth. Practise what you Preach by Emma Baker - cartoon of overweight, authoritarian, smoking doctor addressing slim patient Pregnant Girl by Emily Byrne - Pastels Pseudo Life by Lucy Blake - Rabbit by Miranda Whinney - charcoal drawing of rabbit Reach Out by Ian Mutanga - A student volunteer finds himself challenged to the hilt in supporting a traumatised medical student and reflects deeply on the role of personal experience, timing and when to seek peer support. Reach out to Me by Charlotte Chick - Inspired by volunteering in the homeless community  Charlotte focuses on  preserving dignity and respect for the patients’ sense of self. Reassurance by Helen Collyer-Merritt - pencil drawing of hands representing the power of the doctor's touch Recognising the carer as a patient too: focusing on young carers by Natalie Murray - An insight into shifting family dynamics once a child takes on the role of carer and ways children can be supported within this complex role-reversal.