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Lost by Sara Qandil - Bereavement and resilience: a personal perspective following family loss. Love is all around by Helena Crawshaw - construction inspired by patient insights and inspirations heart -images emerging from social encounters and the environment Make a Difference by Ben Wood - images and text about  Port Talbot, insight into industrial history and social deprivation through chance encounter with a local resident. Medical Attire and the Doctor by Sabrina Brar - Patient relationship in Paediatrics with regard to clothing. Medical Dilemma by Rebecca Probert - drawing, pencil and colour, elderly woman in severe pain, safe level of pain-killers in question Medicine Man by Sophie Noel  - painting, cartoon Batman -  our combat for health Metamorphosis by Molly Rhodes - Striving towards holism within medical education. Mind and Body by Akshitha kesharaju - A sensitive and holistic case-study of trichotillomania - an impulse-control disorder characterised by compulsive hair-pulling.  Mirror Image by Matilda Lawrence - painting of a young woman  viewing her image in hand-mirror - the mirror reveals that the woman is not the age she feels - but in her eighties Mother and Child by Stuart Greer - Family bedside scene in pastel, network of support around the patient Moving Through Depression by Jessica Thomerson - paint and pencil portrait -three-layered image of head, skin, muscle and bone portraying a psychological state through a visceral representation Mum by Christine - My Heart is Special by Rebecca Pearson - collage of a heart surrounded by a variety of text-fragments exploring the role of this remarkable organ My Life by Lesley - My Real Image by Clemency Clarke - an image inspired my the play 'Cancer Tales' which conveys how patients also carry the pain and fear of their loved-ones within their individual medical journey Name Not Number by Clara Horswell - Nightmares by Sarah Wake - painting in blues, masks and huddled child - a young boy's nightmares at the hand of a bully, Nutritional Therapy and Disease by Tiffany Keep - an overview of Nutrigenomics and the multiple benefits of a healthy diet targeted individually Oakhill album 2011  by Intercalated  BA in Medical Humanities - On the Outside by Megan Fileman -  Two clay figures, one enclosed in a glass tumbler which the other tries to release - symbolizing the complexities of trying to support to others from a variety of perspectives - friend/clinician etc.