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Jane Doe’s Martyrdom by Hollie Blaber - An extraordinary historical context to uniquely frame breast cancer in our time. JK's Story by Kathleen Rafferty - A patient’s story documenting the journey following a traumatic family incident through addiction and isolation to a hard-won re-connection to society and regaining well-being. Just a Reflection by Eleanor Slorach - double portrait of a patient viewing her  distorted posture reflected in a mirror Kidney Flower by Hannah Mohamed Nazri - painting of diseased kidney as flower Kidney Transplant by K K Chan - surreal image of glass flasks in landscape representing a faith/cultural/medical dilemma Labels by Anonymous - self-identity collage, luggage-labels Landscape by Nina Beck - wild open landscape - painting Leaves by Anonymous - Left in the dark by Josephine Mooney - The devastating impact of a breakdown in communication between clinicians and also between patients and their doctors. Lending a Hand by The Art & Science of Medicine - The socio-emotional impact of MS on identity, independence and embodiment. Life Sentences by Florence Cameron-Webb - A mother gives birth and returns to jail without her baby – what is gained from this arrangement? Life-Line by Tom Miller - black line-drawing, cartoon, life-belt being thrown by doctor to patient Life... injecting it or sucking it away? by Sarah Bingham - collage of heroin-user injecting Life? by Joanna Melgies - a patient with multiple medical-conditions is viewed compassionately by this medical student, concern for holistic care is raised, review of a cocktail of medications, practical support and interest in the patient's well-being and happiness in general. Life’s Last Chapter by Katie Driver  - A grand-daughter’s insight into the nurturing role of the natural environment both at first and second-hand at the end of life.   Listen by Aaron Owen -  Integrated drawing of an ear and poem inspired by a message within the play 'Cancer Tales'- to respect the patient's story and their individuality. Listening To A Heart by Tom Cassidy - Really listening patients, their hopes and fears and what has brought them to their doctor in the first place - the stethoscope is used as a metaphor - blocking out the voice of the patient Little Girl Lost by Charlotte Davies - pencil and text , depression Living for the Day by Tareq Dessouki - painting of  golfer on the green using walking stick as putter -  symbolic of an elderly patients positive outlook as regards increasing infirmity. Living with Schizophrenia by Vanessa Albert -