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Helping Hands by Alexander Glover - photo about institutionalization and learned helplessness image of patient surrounded by surgical instruments Hercules by Damien Mony - Hidden Problems by Steve Lindley - photo-collage, people on the underground, author as observer with medical eye Holistic systems: a root and branch analysis from the perspective of family and friends by Stephanie Wassell - Hope by Sophie Slater - photo-collage and reflection depicting the determination of a mother to ensure her son's survival and return to well-being following a motor-cycle accident. I Have An Interest In Your Heart by Harriet O'Neill - a graphic and reflective response to the opt-out policy within organ donation  I would like you to relieve my pain by Kirsty Bromage - Identity by Nicola Kong - finger-print image incorporating the word identity, issues of de-personalization in clinical situations and need to preserve the uniqueness of each individual If in doubt, call it out! by Josephine Mooney - The ward as a stressful environment when clinicians overlook patients' privacy. Imagine if? by Yolanda Massey - black and white photographs of fruit and vegetables humorously positioned to represent the patients' clinical experience - encouraging the viewer to consider damage to the mind as well as the body Improvised piano piece around depression  by Hannah Cooney - In One Hand a Paintbrush, the Other a Pen by Roshni Rahman - A unique insight into embodied, tactual learning whilst absorbing verbal knowledge and an exploration of the wider role of holistic, creative engagement in well-being Infectious Love by Katherine Turner - inspired by the role of emotional healing within well-being this painting projects a positive aspiration Inflamed and Untamed by Haya Mohammed - A sister describes the physiological and psychological of impact brother’s journey from the onset of Ulcerative Colitis and the impact on close family.  Isolation by Georgina Mair - This work highlights the necessity of patient-centred care within dementia and the necessity for family and healthcare professionals to maintain positive presence and resilience. It's all in the genes by Katherine Turner - Jane Doe by Kitty Wong - Jane Doe’s Martyrdom by Hollie Blaber - An extraordinary historical context to uniquely frame breast cancer in our time. JK's Story by Kathleen Rafferty - A patient’s story documenting the journey following a traumatic family incident through addiction and isolation to a hard-won re-connection to society and regaining well-being. Just a Reflection by Eleanor Slorach - double portrait of a patient viewing her  distorted posture reflected in a mirror