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Framing the Space by Louise Younie - From steroids to self healing - a patient's journey by Kiyara Fernando - A daughter’s insight into her mother’s healing process and an exploration into the concept of self-healing and holism.  Full Moon by Dorothy -  a painting of a mesmerizing night sky by a patient with impaired memory and language through injury and trauma Fungus Foot by Josie Frosell - water-colour of foot with toes sprouting mushrooms Give me a Hand by Group 13 - Grandfather by Jessica Green - pencil portrait of student's grandfather, sensitive appraisal of his life -experience behind the surface image Grey’s Anatomy Heart  by Josephine Rahman - A close examination of historical/socio-emotional context within the individual’s experience of clinical interventions leading to a sense of dis-embodiment. Hand Sequence 1. by William Duffin - Charcoal drawings of hands. Hand Sequence 2. by William Duffin - Charcoal drawings. Hand Sequence 3. by William Duffin - Charcoal drawings. Hands by Nina Beck - painting of cupped hands, golden light Happiness by Vicky Wojciechowska - painted collage of friends, sea, rocks, fairy-wings, hand, memories Happy Pills by Hannah Hughes - A subtle, metaphorical insight into the complex impact of depression informed by an inside perspective and considerations around cultural change. Head<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.outofourheads.net/oooh/Scripts/tinymce/themes/advanced/langs/en.js"></script> Pain by Dermot Mallon - water-colour, portrait of a woman in grey tones, red wound, 
emotional or physical pain? Healing power of prayer by Chloe Wilson - A balanced investigation into the role prayer within healing in relation to diverse faiths, alternative therapies and clinical care. Heart by Gail - Heart in your Hands by Charlotte Lyon-Dean - A visceral, stripped back artistic representation of the weight and grounding privilege of receiving the patient's heart and soul. Heart Strings by Abigail Morris - A student uses her skills in embroidery and applique to consider the complexities of living with dyslexia – providing a rich example of resilience across her lived experience. Hearts by Sarah Saunders - A collage of ninety-two paper hearts to represent the loss of the artist's father. Hearts Connect by Paul Watson - water-colour and pencil