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'Neglect' by Rachel Gale - pastel, sudivided- darkness one side, rainbow of colour on the other symbolising  stroke/neglect 'Things were rubbish until Josie came to love me.'* by Catrin Evans - The role Josie, a labrador trained by Dogs for the Disabled played in the life of  Sam - a child with muscular dystrophy and his family 11 minutes by Jessica Garner - 2 in 1 by Anne-Marie Streeton - charcoal drawing of human figures A journey to be avoided but not forgotten by Anonymous - Phenomenology as a Resource for Patients, Carers and Practitioners A Memory Not Forgotten by Daniel - A message to our future doctors by Dot - A message to our future doctors by Eleanor - A message to our future doctors by Jean - A message to our future doctors by Heather - A message to our future doctors by Joyce - A message to our future doctors by Paloma - A message to our future doctors by Mary - A Patchwork of my Experiences by Carla John - A hard-won insight into paediatric intensive care from the staff perspective - the inevitable emotional challenges and a discussion around modes of maintaing clinical professionalism. A Patient Examination by Alex Fuller - A humorous twist on clinician-observation with the underlying message that art and science go hand in hand. A Silent Society by Hope Jones - A Successful G.P. <script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.outofourheads.net/oooh/Scripts/tinymce/themes/advanced/langs/en.js"></script>Consultation by Jenny Stone - A cartoon-strip depiction of a positive G.P. consultation - the doctor initially represented as a dragon and the patient-represented as a sheep. Simultaneously, these anticipated/assumed roles are dropped. ACKNOWLEDGING EMOTIONAL REACTIONS IN NEWLY DIAGNOSED PATIENTS AND THE ROLE OF HEALTHCARE PROVIDER COMMUNICATION IN SUPPORTING PATIENTS by Oscar Oglina - A rigorously researched piece into the complexity of received diagnosis and the crucial role of  clinicians in terms of supporting patients’ emotional processing, individual and societal perspectives around the shock of compromised well-being.
Acupuncture: Medical Treatment or Mind Over Matter? by Emily Alcock - An analysis of the implications of ‘mind over matter’ placing the individuality and mental health of each patient as central. Addict by U Yousuf - typographic image in a cross inspired by words associated with addiction