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'Neglect' by Rachel Gale - pastel, sudivided- darkness one side, rainbow of colour on the other symbolising  stroke/neglect 'Things were rubbish until Josie came to love me.'* by Catrin Evans - The role Josie, a labrador trained by Dogs for the Disabled played in the life of  Sam - a child with muscular dystrophy and his family 2 in 1 by Anne-Marie Streeton - charcoal drawing of human figures A journey to be avoided but not forgotten by Anonymous - Phenomenology as a Resource for Patients, Carers and Practitioners A Memory Not Forgotten by Daniel - A message to our future doctors by Dot - A message to our future doctors by Eleanor - A message to our future doctors by Jean - A message to our future doctors by Heather - A message to our future doctors by Joyce - A message to our future doctors by Paloma - A message to our future doctors by Mary - A Patchwork of my Experiences by Carla John - A hard-won insight into paediatric intensive care from the staff perspective - the inevitable emotional challenges and a discussion around modes of maintaing clinical professionalism. A Patient Examination by Alex Fuller - A humorous twist on clinician-observation with the underlying message that art and science go hand in hand. A Silent Society by Hope Jones - A Successful G.P. <script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.outofourheads.net/oooh/Scripts/tinymce/themes/advanced/langs/en.js"></script>Consultation by Jenny Stone - A cartoon-strip depiction of a positive G.P. consultation - the doctor initially represented as a dragon and the patient-represented as a sheep. Simultaneously, these anticipated/assumed roles are dropped. Acupuncture: Medical Treatment or Mind Over Matter? by Emily Alcock - An analysis of the implications of ‘mind over matter’ placing the individuality and mental health of each patient as central. Addict by U Yousuf - typographic image in a cross inspired by words associated with addiction Addiction by Sophie Harries - An insight into the complexity of substance addiction impacting both the mind and body.