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Self-Portrait by Jessica Thomerson - painting of girl with her head down writing and image of her face reflected back Exploring the idea of Mindfulness by Indira Garaeva - Doctor-patient relationship within modern heath-care - a  societal perspective exploring the balance between holistic care and a reductionist approach. Medical Dilemma by Rebecca Probert - drawing, pencil and colour, elderly woman in severe pain, safe level of pain-killers in question Different countries, different people, same ideas by Lara Yorke - A global view f on the shared values within health and rights to quality care with a focus on well-being in childhood.
Life... injecting it or sucking it away? by Sarah Bingham - collage of heroin-user injecting Moving Through Depression by Jessica Thomerson - paint and pencil portrait -three-layered image of head, skin, muscle and bone portraying a psychological state through a visceral representation Isolation by Georgina Mair - This work highlights the necessity of patient-centred care within dementia and the necessity for family and healthcare professionals to maintain positive presence and resilience. Touching Patients by Lauren van Lancker - drawing of junior doctor comforting an elderly, recently bereaved man in a hospital corridor The Snowman by Thomas Scharzgruber - photograph of doctor-snowman made in response to wishes of a terminally-ill patient on a home-visit Orofacial Pain by Tim Collins - The all-consuming and fragmenting impact of chronic and acute facial pain. The Art of General Practice by Anna Brown - cartoon of doctor beaming in on a ball from an array of symtoms array juggled by patient Untitled by Anon - collage of figures and diagrams of organs - a play on the notion that the clinician perceives their patients as embodied conditions merely Tolerant Farmer by Edward Johnson - cartoon drawing of stoic farmer reluctant to visit his G.P. on a prescription sheet Practise what you Preach by Emma Baker - cartoon of overweight, authoritarian, smoking doctor addressing slim patient Walled-In<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.outofourheads.net/oooh/Scripts/tinymce/themes/advanced/langs/en.js"></script> by G. Michells - collage, brick wall with image of elderly woman behind bars surrounded by family photographs The Lay Vessel by Hannah Phelan - a surgeon helps a anxious transplant patient to come terms with her situation by providing a wider, humane perspective Spots of Patients by Irorho Ejournah - colour-reverse abstract dots to demonstrate the diversity of embodiment and approach despite identical conditions Creating a Safe Space by Jennifer Worrall - collage of teabags and newsprint text -exploring the holistic nature of medicine BERG Balance by Rosalind Oakes - drawing of physiotherapist supporting patient through balance test  The Heart of the Matter by Sophie Swinhoe - Musings on the heart, cultural, anatomical, personal inspired by patient artwork.