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The Heart of the Matter

by Sophie Swinhoe
Musings on the heart, cultural, anatomical, personal inspired by patient artwork.
Tags: visual - painting - heads_and_hearts - general practice - Patient and student artwork anatomy and metaphor -

The Man in the Corner

by Anonymous
Prose - an account of poignant consultation and the emotional impact upon the student observing
Tags: written - prose - heads_and_hearts -

Helen's Heart

by Catherine Lamont-Robinson
Clay heart in wire nest representing Helen Keller's relationship with her teacher Annie
Tags: visual - mixed-media - heads_and_hearts -

Head Pain

by Dermot Mallon
Water-colour, portrait of a woman in grey tones, red wound, emotional or physical pain?
Tags: visual - painting - heads_and_hearts - accident and emergency -


by Helen Collyer-Merritt
Pencil drawing of hands representing the power of the doctor's touch
Tags: visual - image - heads_and_hearts -

Too Young To Understand

by Jacob Coates
Pencil image inspired by a young girl protected from the knowledge that her mother is terminally ill, moving and insightful reflection about the positive potential of close relationiships
Tags: visual - drawing - heads_and_hearts - cancer - oncology -

The Patient

by James Hayward
Surreal painting - Dali tongue as spoon, pills - the objectification of the patient
Tags: visual - image - heads_and_hearts -

Kidney Transplant

by K K Chan
Surreal image of glass flasks in landscape representing a faith/cultural/medical dilemma
Tags: visual - image - heads_and_hearts -


by Katherine Edgerley
Image of crying woman on ink-blotted page, notion need for emotional support from the doctor set against the gradual de-personalization of medicine
Tags: visual - image - heads_and_hearts -

The Veil

by Lara Gibbs
Pastel drawing of a rose and drape symbolizing the tragic scenario of young baby's imminent death and the impact on both family and medical staff.
Tags: visual - pastel - heads_and_hearts - untreatable heart condition in n - paediatric cardiology - rchn -