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Irregular time off

by Khadija Sesay
This poem provides an insight into conflicting thoughts and emotions as a patient tries process a diagnosis which will impact on his life at all levels
Tags: written - poetry - does_it_have_to_be_like_this - heart disease - cardiology - medicine and surgery -

Different countries, different people, same ideas

by Lara Yorke
A global view f on the shared values within health and rights to quality care with a focus on well-being in childhood.
Tags: visual - drawing - does_it_have_to_be_like_this - paediatrics - oooh_featured -


by Georgina Mair
This work highlights the necessity of patient-centred care within dementia and the necessity for family and healthcare professionals to maintain positive presence and resilience.
Tags: visual - painting - does_it_have_to_be_like_this - dementia - care of the elderly -

Helping Hands

by Alexander Glover
Photo about institutionalization and learned helplessness image of patient surrounded by surgical instruments
Tags: visual - photography - does_it_have_to_be_like_this -

Dear Diary

by Barry Main
Prose in diary form - fictional account. based on observations of patients in an oncology clinic
Tags: written - prose - does_it_have_to_be_like_this - cancer (oral) - oncology - oncology and palliative care -

Make a Difference

by Ben Wood
Images and text about Port Talbot, insight into industrial history and social deprivation through chance encounter with a local resident.
Tags: visual - photography - does_it_have_to_be_like_this - general practice - comp2 -

Pencil Drawing of an Old Man

by Chris Newell
Pencil drawing of naked elderly patient with strip of black across his eyes to highlight de-personalisation
Tags: visual - drawing - does_it_have_to_be_like_this -


by Diana Slim
Response to government guidelines, cartoon of patient as dart-practice on bulls-eye for pressured G.P.
Tags: visual - cartoon - does_it_have_to_be_like_this - anxiety - general practice - comp2 -

A Real Person Too

by Edward Toll
Poem from the perspective of a drug addict seeking understanding from the medical profession
Tags: written - poetry - does_it_have_to_be_like_this - addiction - psychiatry - psychiatry and ethics -

Daytime Television

by Caroline Clements
A poem from the carer's perspective - a stark domestic insight into the realities of supporting a loved one with acquired disability
Tags: written - poetry - does_it_have_to_be_like_this - general surgery - carer_perspective - paraplegia -