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Resilience Recipes Cookbook

by Sarah Burd
Celebrating the richness of socio-emotional and cultural perspectives in family and community cooking.
Tags: visual - drawing - my_family - nutrition - oooh_featured -

“You have 1 minute to draw the female reproductive system”

by Natasha Alford
A fascinating collaborative visual experiment which raises important questions about gendered responses to embodiment within female reproduction.
Tags: visual - drawing - arts_in_education - gynaecology - oooh_featured -

The Individuality of Illness

by Katherine Parker
Three patients’ diverse approaches to challenging medical conditions are explored and interpreted through imagery and prose.
Tags: visual - painting - under_the_skin - general practice - oooh_featured -

The Jigsaw of Recovery: caring for anxiety

by Eleanor Boden
The fragile nature of supporting anxiety from the perspective of a daughter and carer : clinical and personal perspectives
Tags: visual - sculpture - my_family - anxiety - psychiatry - depression, daughter/ carer, oooh_featured -

The Kindness of Strangers

by Elinor Kapp
An experienced clinician's personal insight into the medical student experience of final medical examinations - the family tensions around this time and the roles played by academic staff.
Tags: written - prose - Who_am_I? - anxiety - My Family oooh_featured -

Snakes in the heart

by Martha Murdoch
A powerful combination of astute research and highly reflective personal narrative around viewing one’s body as untrustworthy, and the subsequent adaptation to living with diabetes.
Tags: visual - drawing - wounded_healer - diabetes - general practice - oooh_featured -

Autism, art and animals

by Alice Parker
This subject has been explored from the author’s family experience in addition to academic enquiry and provides a rich insights into the complexities and joys of diverse communication.
Tags: visual - painting - arts_in_education - autistic - paediatrics/learning disabilitie - childhood autism, animal companions, arts, oooh_featured -

The Architecture of Life, Death and Healing

by Tom Hebden
A historical and aesthetic investigation into the impact of the healthcare environment with an individual, creative landscape proposal to support holism and healing.
Tags: visual - drawing - arts_in_education - healing environment, architecture, landscape, oooh_featured -