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Dementia and the Sense of Self

by Sarah Burge
Dementia viewed from the perspective of a newly emerging sense of self - as opposed to a self which is ‘less’ than before and the responsibility of others to value this process.
Tags: visual - painting - out_of_our_heads - dementia - neurology - Dementia, identity , oooh_featured -

So you say I can’t do GCSE PE? Well now I’m a Paralympian.

by Victoria Freedman
A student's personal insight into the role of family and societal attitudes around visual impairment.
Tags: visual - painting - does_it_have_to_be_like_this - paediatrics/learning disabilitie - oooh_featured -

Acupuncture: Medical Treatment or Mind Over Matter?

by Emily Alcock
An analysis of the implications of ‘mind over matter’ placing the individuality and mental health of each patient as central.
Tags: visual - collage - bone_deep - acupuncture, mind/body, complementary therapy, oooh_featured -


by Liam Carty-Howe
Learning alongside the sensitivity and the professional expertise of the clinician has been foundational to this carefully crafted film around the cultural stigma and emotional impact of infertility.
Tags: multimedia - film - doctor_watching - infertility - maternity - Effective Consulting - oooh_featured -

The Art of Medicine

by Paapa Appiah Odame
Drawing on the intersection of perception, presence, personalised approach and pattern recognition in consultation this student presents a tantalizing visual metaphor.
Tags: visual - drawing - out_of_our_heads - perception, presence, pattern-recognition , art of medicine, oooh_featured -

From steroids to self healing - a patient's journey

by Kiyara Fernando
A daughter’s insight into her mother’s healing process and an exploration into the concept of self-healing and holism.
Tags: visual - collage - my_family - pemphigus vulgaris - dermatology - Alternative and complementary therapies, oooh_featured -

Reach out to Me

by Charlotte Chick
Inspired by volunteering in the homeless community Charlotte focuses on preserving dignity and respect for the patients’ sense of self.
Tags: visual - sculpture - out_of_our_heads - narrative, homelessness, resilience, oooh_featured -

Reach Out

by Ian Mutanga
A student volunteer finds himself challenged to the hilt in supporting a traumatised medical student and reflects deeply on the role of personal experience, timing and when to seek peer support.
Tags: visual - painting - wounded_healer - oooh_featured -

Sweat, Blood and Tears

by Emma Ferreira
The implications of stress, acceptance and the positive harnessing of bio-feedback and connectedness are richly explored from the personal perspective of living with Diabetes.
Tags: visual - drawing - bone_deep - diabetes - Diabetes, stressors, bio-feedback, holism, oooh_featured -

Bad News

by Toluwaniyin Owoso
The perils of clinical burnout are symbolized in this stark image of a defeated surgeon and preventative measures are discussed.
Tags: visual - drawing - doctor_watching - burnout, teamwork, resilience,oooh_featured -