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Perspectives on the Human Condition 2017

by Students on the Intercalated B.A. in Medical Humanities

Tags: arts_in_education - oooh_featured -

Enslaved Mind

by Ally Jaffee
A multi-layered analysis of habits of mind within daily interactions and the potential positive impact of both inter-personal and creative stimuli and interventions.
Tags: visual - painting - out_of_our_heads - depression - anxiety oooh_featured -

Different countries, different people, same ideas

by Lara Yorke
A global view f on the shared values within health and rights to quality care with a focus on well-being in childhood.
Tags: visual - drawing - does_it_have_to_be_like_this - paediatrics - oooh_featured -

Trading One Vice For The Other

by Eduardo Panaiotis
A gritty encounter with the viscous circle of addiction and sensitive reflection around prevention and responsibility pre the chain of medical encounters.
Tags: visual - collage - does_it_have_to_be_like_this - addiction - substance abuse - oooh_featured -

Childhood Illness : the family impact

by Dana Sobanpanah
Infants, brain-tumour, childhood illness
Tags: visual - photography - does_it_have_to_be_like_this - cancer - paediatrics - infants, brain-tumour, childhood illness, oooh_featured -

‘But Gampo, your carpet’s dirty’

by Elena Priestman
A poignant, perceptive and searingly honest enquiry into the complexities of emotional connection and integration.
Tags: visual - painting - my_family - bereavement - oooh_featured -

The medical student: On Developing Emotional Resilience

by Jack Harvey

Tags: visual - drawing - Who_am_I? - mental health and emotional resilience oooh_featured -

Burn Out

by India Vecueray
The vital role of awareness of others and empathy within clinical teams. Also a personal commitment to the use the arts as both a mode of rigorous enquiry and a nurturing space.
Tags: visual - painting - wounded_healer - oooh_featured -

On Loss: Bereavement, Grief and Post-traumatic Growth

by Sophie Latta
This art piece depicts the loss of an old way of life and the gain of a new perspective, reflecting the process of adaptation in bereavement.
Tags: written - poetry - my_family - bereavement - general practice - oooh_featured -

Rose in the Wire

by Elizabeth McGladdery
A delicate exploration of the tension between empathetic involvement and preserving the clinician’s resilience in the patient encounter.
Tags: visual - drawing - wounded_healer - consultations, empathy, clinician, resilience, oooh_featured -