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Surgeon Stress

by Guy Wintle
Combined perspectives of a heart surgeon in practice and the view of his own heart under medical pressures and the gaze of peers.
Tags: visual - drawing - doctor_watching - general surgery - surgical skills, peer scrutiny , practitioner welfare, oooh_featured -

Canadian Geese

by Helen Crowley
A mother and daughter share their appreciation of natural forms and systems as a nurturing connection.
Tags: visual - painting - my_family - resilience, nature, family, walking, oooh_featured -

Childhood Illness : the family impact

by Dana Sobanpanah
Infants, brain-tumour, childhood illness
Tags: visual - photography - does_it_have_to_be_like_this - cancer - paediatrics - infants, brain-tumour, childhood illness, oooh_featured -

On Loss: Bereavement, Grief and Post-traumatic Growth

by Sophie Latta
This art piece depicts the loss of an old way of life and the gain of a new perspective, reflecting the process of adaptation in bereavement.
Tags: written - poetry - my_family - bereavement - general practice - oooh_featured -

Rose in the Wire

by Elizabeth McGladdery
A delicate exploration of the tension between empathetic involvement and preserving the clinician’s resilience in the patient encounter.
Tags: visual - drawing - wounded_healer - consultations, empathy, clinician, resilience, oooh_featured -

Life’s Last Chapter

by Katie Driver
A grand-daughter’s insight into the nurturing role of the natural environment both at first and second-hand at the end of life.
Tags: visual - painting - my_family - cancer - care of the elderly - palliative care, nature, oooh_featured -

Art of 'Off the Record'

by Samya Sarfaraz
Personal experience of burnout lead to an encounter with the Bristol Mental Health programme Off The Record - where this student is now a trustee and passionate advocate for young people in supporting resilience.
Tags: visual - painting - wounded_healer - young people’s mental health, art therapy, social action, oooh_featured -

Heart Strings

by Abigail Morris
A student uses her skills in embroidery and applique to consider the complexities of living with dyslexia – providing a rich example of resilience across her lived experience.
Tags: visual - textile - wounded_healer - Dyslexia, tacit learning, emotional intelligence, oooh_featured -


by Olivia Bell
Processing the impact of a diagnosis of clinical depression witnessed in a GP consultation through layers of painting
Tags: visual - painting - under_the_skin - depression - general practice - consultation, mental health, clinical depression, oooh_featured -

The Shadow of War

by Emily Deacon-Elliott
A call for increased clinical sensitivity to the impact of PTSD drawing on biographical material.
Tags: visual - sculpture - does_it_have_to_be_like_this - PTSD - psychiatry - PTSD, mental health, narrative, oooh_featured -