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The Art of Medicine

by Richard Pellatt
Prose - how can medicine apply to creativity?
Tags: written - prose - musing_on_the_muse -

Healing Wounds

by Tania Hershman
A short story of a consultation inspired by the architectural formation of 'the bee's cell'.
Tags: written - prose - musing_on_the_muse -

A heart

by Fiona Hamilton

Tags: written - poetry - Musing_on_the_muse - cardiology -


by Catherine Lamont-Robinson
An article in the New Scientist outlining the recent discovery that a certain rate of heart-beat in the foetus was the trigger for aortic stem cells to produce blood provoked this exploration into evolving dynamics within the body.
Tags: visual - mixed-media - Musing_on_the_muse - mcbom -


by Sophie Harries
An insight into the complexity of substance addiction impacting both the mind and body.
Tags: visual - painting - musing_on_the_muse - substance abuse -

In One Hand a Paintbrush, the Other a Pen

by Roshni Rahman
A unique insight into embodied, tactual learning whilst absorbing verbal knowledge and an exploration of the wider role of holistic, creative engagement in well-being
Tags: visual - textile - musing_on_the_muse - oooh_featured- tacit learning -