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by Emily Hignell

Tags: written - prose - Under_the_skin - addiction - substance abuse -

The Role of Resilience in Alcoholism

by Eleanor Rogers
A case-study of alcohol-additiction and the author's journey to perceive all perspectives and nature of this disease.
Tags: visual - mixed-media - under_the_skin - alcoholism - substance abuse - general practice -


by Sophie Harries
An insight into the complexity of substance addiction impacting both the mind and body.
Tags: visual - painting - musing_on_the_muse - substance abuse -

What's your drug?

by Charlotte Coekin
Substance abuse and itís control over behaviour is the theme of this creative piece written from the perspective of the drug.
Tags: written prose - poetry - under_the_skin - substance abuse - general practice -

The Effects of Alcoholism

by Anonymous
A poignant look at the impact of alcoholism upon a relative in denial about her disease and the impact on family dynamics.
Tags: visual - mixed-media - my_family - alcoholism - substance abuse - general practice -

Trading One Vice For The Other

by Eduardo Panaiotis
A gritty encounter with the viscous circle of addiction and sensitive reflection around prevention and responsibility pre the chain of medical encounters.
Tags: visual - collage - does_it_have_to_be_like_this - addiction - substance abuse - oooh_featured -