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by Euridice Mendes
Oh how I would love to live in exhale' poem
Tags: written - poetry - bone_deep - asthma - respiratory - medicine and surgery -

Face Value

by A Cunynghame
Prose about a young medic feeling he had connected with a patient and acquired insight into her situation yet finding her case-notes revealed a very different story
Tags: written - prose - cut_adrift - asthma - respiratory - medicine and surgery -

Christmas Decorations

by Thomas Collicot
Poem about a sad elderly lady on a hospital ward not wanting to return to her isolated existence with xmas decorations to be dismantled alone.
Tags: written - prose - does_it_have_to_be_like_this - chest infection - respiratory - medicine and surgery -

The Struggle

by Emily Ashworth

Tags: visual - painting - under_the_skin - asthma - respiratory - medicine and surgery -

The Die Hard Smoker

by John S Ferguson
Prose about defiant elderly smoker
Tags: written - prose - under_the_skin - cancer (lung) - respiratory - medicine and surgery -

Living with Smoking

by Gemma Faulkner
An exploration of the tension between the escalating effects of smoking on an already frail, elderly patient and her increasingly limited quality of life
Tags: visual - drawing - does_it_have_to_be_like_this - COPD - respiratory - medicine and surgery -

Musical Cough

by Elanor Brooks
Embodied music
Tags: multimedia - film - bone_deep - COPD - respiratory - oooh_featured -