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A Special Meeting With A Special Girl

by Rishi Patel
Prose about a home visit, meeting a child with Downs Syndrome and the student's shift of perspective
Tags: written - prose - cut_adrift - downs syndrome - paediatrics/learning disabilitie - comp1/psychiatry -

'Things were rubbish until Josie came to love me.'*

by Catrin Evans
The role Josie, a labrador trained by Dogs for the Disabled played in the life of Sam - a child with muscular dystrophy and his family
Tags: visual - photography - family_and_friends - musculoskeletal - paediatrics/learning disabilitie -

Autism, art and animals

by Alice Parker
This subject has been explored from the author’s family experience in addition to academic enquiry and provides a rich insights into the complexities and joys of diverse communication.
Tags: visual - painting - arts_in_education - autistic - paediatrics/learning disabilitie - childhood autism, animal companions, arts, oooh_featured -

So you say I can’t do GCSE PE? Well now I’m a Paralympian.

by Victoria Freedman
A student's personal insight into the role of family and societal attitudes around visual impairment.
Tags: visual - painting - does_it_have_to_be_like_this - paediatrics/learning disabilitie - oooh_featured -