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In The Shadows

by Anon
Poem about a girl with a skin condition hiding from daylight
Tags: written - poetry - under_the_skin - acne - dermatology - comp2 -

Fungus Foot

by Josie Frosell
Water-colour of foot with toes sprouting mushrooms
Tags: visual - painting - under_the_skin - infection - dermatology - comp2 -

The Sun-Bather

by Zoe Isaacson
A richly metaphoric use of a sand-sculpture to portray the risks of malignant melanoma and explore societal pressures
Tags: visual - sculpture - bone_deep - cancer (melanoma) - dermatology - comp2 -

From steroids to self healing - a patient's journey

by Kiyara Fernando
A daughter’s insight into her mother’s healing process and an exploration into the concept of self-healing and holism.
Tags: visual - collage - my_family - pemphigus vulgaris - dermatology - Alternative and complementary therapies, oooh_featured -