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John Hull's Journey

by Brendan Stern
Artwork depicting john Hull's adjustment to blindness over a period of five years from the depths of depression to regarding himself to be a 'whole-body seer'
Tags: written - prose - wounded_healer - depression - consultations - comp1 -

Imagine if?

by Yolanda Massey
Black and white photographs of fruit and vegetables humorously positioned to represent the patients' clinical experience - encouraging the viewer to consider damage to the mind as well as the body
Tags: visual - photography - under_the_skin - various - consultations - general practice -

Open Your Eyes - Depression in Medical Students

by Anna Taylor
Challenging the misconceptions around medical health issues in medical education, a personal insight conveyed through film and text.
Tags: multimedia - film - wounded_healer - depression - consultations - comp1 - student mental health -

Eat Less!

by Rebecca Wood
A close look at the complex interactions between the individual and their environment from a public health standpoint and a personal research around eating disorder.
Tags: visual - drawing - does_it_have_to_be_like_this - various - consultations - general practice -

The Patchwork Body

by Joanne Ferguson
Textile collage as a metaphor for holism within the treatment of disease and the place of creative engagement within medical-student well being.
Tags: visual - textile - arts_in_education - various - consultations - comp1 -


by Damien Mony

Tags: visual - drawing - doctor_watching - consultations - clinical status, trust, consultation, ooh_featured -


by Group 9

Tags: visual - drawing - wounded_healer - consultations - oooh_featured -